Red green…

You can see that the light frost knocked the peppers back, but they’ve yet to be finished off. The red bells are so very sweet, and a boost to our nightly salad!

Rain today and we’re all feeling rather oppressed by the grey, and missing the sun. On balance, though, healing continues.

Access to all three necessities for posting—energy, laptop, and wifi—remains spotty, but we’re working on it!


  1. Evelyn Bochenek says:

    Thank you for calling with the update on how the healing process is progressing. I’ve thought of you all every day and hope for the very best. I love the picture of the family looking out at the garden. It is a scene I see from a slightly different angle out the kitchen window!

    I installed a wireless router for our internet connection. I would be happy to unlock the password so you all can use it (hopefully it would be accessible next door) if I knew how. I am investigating that option this week.

    Best Wishes,

  2. froogy says:

    Grok grok. Ain’t Red Green th’ name o’ some ol’ tellyvision show? grok grok.