Candid candidates?

I didn’t see the NBC Democratic debate last night, and have read/heard little about it other than this NYT piece. I’m wondering if Richardson, despite being an avowed candidate for the leadership position, is trying to position himself as a excellent VP choice. He seems far more conciliatory than combative and assertive:

The attacks on Mrs. Clinton grew so intense that one opponent, Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who served in President Bill Clinton’s administration, scolded the others. “You know what I’m hearing here, I’m hearing this holier-than-thou attitude toward Senator Clinton,” he said. “It’s bothering me because it’s pretty close to personal attacks that we don’t need.”

Although, maybe not, as he went on:

“But the important thing is that we need to stay positive,” Mr. Richardson said. “We need to have disagreements on the issues, not on whether you can trust. I trust Senator Clinton but I don’t agree with her on a majority of issues.”

Trust? Of course we need to be able to trust our elected (and selected) officials. Maybe I’d think different if I’d seen the debate coverage, maybe different still if I’d been seated in the front row….

Oh, wait, the NYT gives me the option of listening/watching and reading! With a transcript! Wow!

I’m overloaded on my current events already…too busy…um…later?

Hey, and…

These are a great idea no matter what—three quick exercises that will help your back by strengthening your core muscles (from this article), which will help everything!

PS None are sit-ups!, although crunches are recommended!

Weather alert…

So, we’ve just passed the 24-hour mark of having our heat on to counteract cool autumnal temps.

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  1. mouse's moom says:

    You’ve had your *heat* on in Hotlanta? I admit, it’s been on occasionally here, not constantly. I’ve been setting it at 62 (the GG of course keeps ratcheting it up to 68 or 70 just to bug me but we won’t go there). But really, we have needed just a touch of heat here on the Planet Ann Arbor, of the Great Lake Constellation. It has barely gone below 40 overnight and heck, up there on Fin Family Moominbeach, it can get down into the 30’s in the *summer*. As you well know, fellow Yooper cabin owner 🙂 🙂

    Happy Halloween!