Sometimes the best food comes in unassuming packages. Tonight we ventured into the cold (for here) and had the Family Style Dinner (and more) at Nicola’s, a Lebanese restaurant not far from here. Excellent.

And the best part was when Nicola himself came out and danced, first with this youngster, then with me, then with the belly dancers! Nicola is so smooth on his feet that he can balance a glass of wine, or, here, a kid-cup, on his head without it moving one bit as he gyrates!

Nicola came out first with a tray with a lit birthday cakelet for this kid’s table, and danced a bit, then danced down to his knees, still balancing the burning cake-and-candles, then gestured to the adult b-day celebrant to blow out the candle. As the guest bent forward to do so, Nicola bent backward, more and more, until the guy finally had to get up to blow out the candles! What fun!


  1. kayak woman says:

    *Love* the Lebanese food from La Shish, a Detroit area chain. A YAG buddy of mine used to bring it to board meetings sometimes. Unfortunately, the owner has been accused of some sort of Al Qaida-related money laundering. Dunno if true or not.

  2. pooh says:

    And our local Lebanese restaurant, in University City,
    “Saleem’s, where garlic is king!”

    Haven’t seen the owner dance, though they do have bellydancers on the weekend nights.