Decisions, decisions…

The WashPost reports an amazing level of efficiency by some government agencies—using a secure wiki—that allows officials to swap information and ideas—amazing because such avenues are so often closed and unavailable, sadly—and expensively!

On Sunday, the Post also had an interesting editorial evaluating positions and experience of the major presidential candidates, making a series of excellent points. The editors note:

On some issues, the three leading Democrats are almost equally disappointing.

And, regarding the Republicans:

All three have stained themselves with their expedient transformations from immigration pragmatists to vengeful hard-liners.

Yet, they add:

The first year of campaigning has been clarifying, and not all the candidates have survived with stature intact. But this isn’t a year of seven dwarfs; there are capable people on both sides.

Note: Georgia votes with so many other states on Feb Five, and advance voting began yesterday….

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