Big but…


…is that They* are predicting temps below freezing overnight….

* They in this case are meteorologists…which sounds like a term that should refer to scientists who study meteors, but instead refers to science-types who focus on “the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere,” and, therefore, actually means more than just weather stuff. But (third but of this entry), meteorologist does sound a bit tidier and more, well, serious and empirical, than “weather forecaster” or even the more colloquial weather-dude or weather-babe.

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  1. Pooh says:

    When Cindy Presler, the chief meteorologist at the local NBC station, started her job here, the sports announcer introduced her segment with: “and now for the weather with weather girl, Cindy…” When she finished the weather, she turned back and said, “and now Mike Roberts, our sports boy, will tell us about the sports!” Touche!