If nothing else, it’s natural!


Some things just don’t translate*. Or what seems to be the obvious translation is just so wrong.

All I can say is: what the heck is “freakish sapor”?

Where are those literature people from northern Michigan? They were just here! After all, they might be able to explain this linguistic macaroni!

* Explanation only after application of sufficient quantities of red wine, and only then if you are willing to receive at most a fuzzy rendition.

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  1. Kyle Bladow says:

    Hey Sammy!
    This is Rachel’s friend Kyle. I’m glad I found your blog. You’ll have to send me your address! In the meantime, I delved into the language question. Here’s what I found, thanks to a kanji program I have on my computer:

    The red lettering reads
    chinki no aji

    chinki: “strange, rare, novel, curious”
    aji: “flavor, taste”

    so, “novel flavor” or “taste of strangeness” 🙂 Thus, I’m guessing “sapor” is a bastardization of savor/flavor.

    Take care! I’m missing the ensalada de nopalitos!