Oranges, olives, thyme


You end up with these rings from taking the rounds of orange out. They’re essential to the punch of this dish….

I saw this recipe yesterday (from Mr. Bittman, in the NYTimes), and have made it two days in a row; it’s a raving success! Yummy. Of course, I make it with only a smidge of olive oil, compared to the recipe.

It’s simple; throw some pitted black olives into the food processor. Add a bunch of fresh thyme leaves. Pour in a couple of teaspoons (or more, depending on how many olives you used) of olive oil. Whirr for just a short bit. Serve over orange slices.

Bittman says he got the recipe from Marco Folicaldi, who says it’s an olive purée, not a tapenade (no anchovies).

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  1. Beckster says:

    Yummy beyond compare! Sammy rocks! I love that you post every day. I wish I had the energy. xo xo