New think(s)


I have never seen raisins (uvas secas in Spanish) sold on the vine. Why would you buy ’em this way? Do some people consider them “fresher” on the vine (haha, dried fruit fresh, haha)? Or cook with them on the vine? Sold in an international market….

Instead of giving you my thoughts, here’re links to some internet places I’ve been recently.

New Think for Old Publishers“—about how participatory culture* and the online world interact with old-fashioned, traditional book publishing. So they say.

Data scraping methods and advice; this is a powerful data import feature Google offers. If you can find a use for it.

Open knowledge and CKAN—the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network. Hmm.

I think that’s enough….

* Or, the opposite of consumer culture, in which participants are also producers, and thus participate, instead of just consuming—so the Wikipedia says. Me, I think consumers must also produce and participate or they wouldn’t be consumers for long. But maybe I took a hypercritical cynic pill today by mistake.

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