If you lived in a sod house…


…you’d be home by now!

Viewed under homogeneous blue-grey skies, sod house life struck me as rather tedious and grim. In sunshine: perhaps not so much.

This sod house in far western Nebraska is open to the public, with an interior bare of accoutrements and even wall stucco/plaster, and thus hominess. The walls appear to have had two thick layers of sod, but the outer one has mostly eroded away—or maybe it was just double along the lower part of the wall, for buttressing?

As to the roof, it’s been updated, as traditional sod house roofs are no picnic and take lots of maintenance (and leak when it rains). I love that they put enough soil on the metal roof so it looked more like a soddy (although some has washed off), and prickly-pear cactus have colonized it.

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