Holiday excitement


We arrived at the Dekalb Farmers Market (no farmers in sight) a few minutes after ten this morning and the parking lot was already a mess. Inside, I thought many of the shoppers were regulars, and knew where the items they wanted were. The aisles were choked, but flowing (mostly).

We got some extra holiday excitement as we were preparing to head to the cashier area, in a separate room, with our not-quite-full cart. We were still in the humongous warehouse where the goods are displayed, and, suddenly, the lights went out.

All sound died, too. It was amazing how fast it got quiet.

Thankfully, only a second or so later, the lights were back on.


As we were wheeling our load through the cashier area after paying (I was amazed that the electronic—and old—registers were back online), JCB overheard some employees discussing a generator. We surmise they must have a Big One to run that many freezers, fridges, and lights.

Our neighbor said she was there once a while back when the lights went out. And stayed out.

We were so lucky!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Looks like a fun place but such a flashy website 😉