ABG adventuring


At JCB’s suggestion, today’s outing focused on a camera-trip to the ATL Bot Garden. We got a bit of sunlight before the overcast came in (it’s been sleeting off and on since).


The ABG has a big construction and expansion program underway, so we heard a lot of beep-beep as we wandered the grounds.

Still, the current exhibit (as if this were an art museum) is of very large Henry Moore sculptures, which are rather fun.

We skipped the orchid room and spent more time outdoors, visiting nooks and crannies and checking out the new construction. We also had a nice chat with an ABG guy about a Schima (evergreen woody shrub related to camellias; this particular one resembled a Photinia at a glance—remember those, RMJ?), which he said was pretty rare. From Taiwan. Still growing, though, since it doesn’t apparently have the plant sense to shut down for the winter…we’ll revisit it and see if it makes it through the winter without die back.

This is the old entry patio, which I have always enjoyed. I love that the moss is flourishing between the granite pavers now. When more feet traversed this space, there was only sand.

The vertical photo will only make sense if you know about the Na’vi of Pandora (yes, from Avatar), which are not to be confused with the Nacirema.

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