What’s your style?


Yeah, crappy picture, shot through the windshield while waiting for the light to change. No lie. Shooting a picture while driving (and in motion) is as life-threatening as typing on your cyber-device. So, at a traffic light only, and then queeeek-leee!

The backstory: down in Little Five is the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club. EAYC is, despite the name, a very landlocked bar, of the been-here-for-decades, old-fashioned, slightly battered, its-own-world sort (they are supremely odd in this part of the world; one of their sides is kraut, which only makes a tiny bit of sense if you also notice that the menu lists hot dogs). And Little Five is the old hippy center of Atlanta. It still hosts hangers-on and street people. Last time I ducked in and out of the shops there, I saw two stores were selling bongs.

So, a bunch of motorcyclists hang out at EAYC, and have for at least a generation, so in front is often a row of shiny bikes in one—or more!—of the parking spaces.

This photo? Another neighborhood and bar/restaurant. This place has been here about a decade. It’s cleverly built so panels across the front can be opened to make it a version of open-air when the weather’s nice. And they sell raw oysters and Cajun riceballs (no lie), and they don’t mention if they have a huge collection of domestic beers. (No kraut, not a single hot dog.)

And out front, ya gotta laugh, a line of scooters.

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