Dark ’n’ Stormy


I met The Best Summer Drink™ the day before I saw this.

I hereby bestow, at least for the time being, the title The Best Summer Drink™ on, tahdah!, the Dark ’n’ Stormy.

The Dark ’n’ Stormy requires two unusual ingredients and one (optional but recommended) easy one (lemon or lime juice—fresh!). The unusual ingredients are black rum and ginger beer. Black rum is not dark rum. Ginger beer is not ginger ale.

Well, plus ice. So: four ingredients.

I’ve had only one Dark ’n’ Stormy so I’ve only embarked on the pathway to Dark ’n’ Stormy connoisseurship. My first one had the black rum and the ginger beer, with some lemon juice. I’d like to try it with lime juice. I wouldn’t include the sweetening recommended in the link’s recipe.

And I’ve never even thought about making ginger beer, but it does sound tasty! Well, if you overlook the “symbiotic glob of lactobacillus and yeast.”

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