Just wait fifteen minutes…


We traipsed to the park, expecting nothing in particular in the way of excitement. We were wrong.

We discovered movie (video? whatever) shooting happening (or soon to happen) at scenic spots around the park. The Guru found lots of technical angles to check out, but we managed to avoid being in any of the shots (mainly because we didn’t walk by when the cameras were “rolling”).

That was pretty exciting, but it wasn’t all! Just after we strolled away from the park, the heavens opened, as they say. But, not so much. A few drops. We took refuge on the porch of an empty house with a building permit out front. Turns out, we saw more than rain—a few tiny (small?) sleet crystals!

And sure enough, within fifteen minutes of the rain/sleet stopping, we walked in sunshine and shed a layer or two.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I thought that 15 minutes thing was only in Meeesheeeegaaan. 😉 Love the photoooo.