Good ol’ Eastern Market


We browsed Eastern Market today, looking at this and that, and buying garlands, a wreath, and some terrific Bloody Mary mix (spicy! hot!)—McClure’s doncha know….

The cold seeping up from the cement triggered childhood memories of the Lansing market; my shoes/boots were never thick enough to ward off the chill after winter came on full.

I was glad to see crowds of people, and good-looking produce. I woulda bought if we were closer to home….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Jim & Becky facebooked that they were headed to the Eastern Market last Saturday, so maybe you passed each other without knowing it. I have never been there. Maybe it’s high time for an expotition!

  2. NPjane says:

    McClure’s bloody mary mix, huh? haven’t tried it, but just bought Tabasco Bloody Mary mix (spicy) for the first time. I like it, but it’s missing….. something still. I’ll look for McClure’s next. 😉