Best laid plans…


About six, we left the house and picked our way across patches of black ice to this new burger place around the corner. They have a simple website and a straight-forward menu.

We ate out on a Friday night because the big plan was to head north to the Midwest on Saturday—early—and eating out was expedient.

The place was near-full—I guess a combination of being Friday night and a whole week when the public schools were closed along with plenty of other normal-winter-week disruptions.

Anyway, we bathed in the hubbub, and enjoyed our burgers (beef for him; bison for her), sides (fries and salad, one each), and tap water (shocking total of $25 with tip). Desultory conversation about the bad parking jobs happening in the lot out the window and what we had to do to get ready to leave. Then, we moseyed back outside to find some patches of black ice we hadn’t seen before—we were making a loop, right, so a new route….

Back at the house, I called Dad to tell him the plan, and he said the weather was not-nice and we really shouldn’t make the trek, he and Mom were fine and would be, and we should come later when the weather was better for driving and for visiting.

Well now.

So, The Guru and I had a heart-to-heart, and decided to take the Botanist’s advice, and pfft, we are hanging in ATL for the forseeable, taking care of chores and enjoying the melt*.

And looking forward to hosting visitors from afar, and, geeze, I’m not sure what else.** I suspect that what had been an out-of-town week will turn into a busy week!

* All afternoon, the sound outdoors was drip drip small-crash (as ice fell from somewhere high) drip drip drip.

** And, since we didn’t have to pack and organize, we watched the wonderful Cairo Time (with Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig—real name MUCH longer, yum), and enjoyed it immensely. The non-color corrected footage in the Extras, however, made the city far less enticing that the movie did. Still, I imagine that if you have the bucks to be there as a tourist, you would find Cairo magical (and dirty, but still).


  1. kayak woman says:

    Horrendous driving from A2 to HL this AM. Lots of vee-hickles off the road.

  2. Sammy says:

    Glad you’re there safely; for a few crazy (crazed?) hours, I thought there might be a chance that we could swoop in and surprise you there at HL…but the stars (oh so clearly) we not aligned for it….