You’ve heard of…

Amaryllis 2 open 2011 02

…the well-tempered clavier—which in my extreme youth I thought had something to do with what a person would be described in Spanish as being pacifica…umm, we have a well-traveled fleur.

Now, with two open trumpet-blooms.

And no Bach involved.

I see that temperament in music has to do with fine-tuning to a different tuning, compromising the “pure” intervals of just intonation. I know KW, Jay, and others (I’m sure) can follow all this, but it’s over my head!

And, yes, I’m writing about flowers and music because I don’t want to contemplate missing the Brookwood Borders—although not the Borders closest to my house—everything but magazines 30% off—or more. After all, I remember Borders back when it was one fun store, and I think had an apostrophe.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Lots of memories of the original Borders (well, probably about the 4th rendition of the original anyway). We would wrap up the newborn Elizabeth and take her down there and the employees would all ooh and ahh at her. And she learned to crawl up the nice, carpeted stairs there.

    (And yes, I do indeed know about equal temperament. 🙂 )