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Domino effect, v.21855

South of jackson northbound

We got just a couple of sun-burst moments today, and this was the first, when the grey of the sky was tempered and our tempers warmed.

Greetings and salutations!

One month old

Love love love the opportunity to catch up with long-time friends—and to make new ones! This little guy is a month old (today!), and we figured it was high time we met! We also saw some cool weaving projects, courtesy of the talented clarinet player on the left.

Stalking…and wandering

Beaucoups of brussels sprouts

I bypassed the Bee-ess display at TJs—we’ll get a fresh stalk later….

As I was walking to the library, enjoying the temperate weather and warm sunshine and not paying much attention, I realized a car that I was only vaguely aware of going down the street…changed. As in: got noisier. Did a wheel bearing just go, I wondered?

Then, the car kept going and the noise didn’t follow it. I looked around. Aha. The wheel bearing noise was a kid on a skateboard.

Crisis averted.

There’s always tomorrow

Backlit pampas like grass ABG

The leaves are dropping like…autumn leaves.

Returning from the groc store, I kicked leaves off the back path, and thought about finding the leaf rake, then turned my back on the accumulation, went inside and looked out at the yellow-orange-red mosaic now carpeting the yard.

A filled stage

Carter Pres chapel empty stage

Harry Belafonte can tell a story. And, at eighty-four, he has some fine stories to tell.

If you aren’t as fortunate as we were to hear him tell them live and onstage, unscripted, grab a copy of his autobiography, My Song: A Memoir (2011, authored with Michael Shnayerson); you’ll find many engrossing stories there, too.

Twin cocktails (absence thereof)

Reflections of two glasses

I have watched the wave patterns from different sources mesh together on the water many times. I can’t remember ever looking at the light-through-glasses version of same.

I leave it to Pooh to speculate whether the drinks go with the PARTY DRESS from yesterday….

Dress, spangled

Dress spangles in window

With instructions from The Guru, I made a three-party phone call—successfully!

And it had nothing to do with this sequined dress in the window of a shoppe (had to have an e on the end, I’m sure!).

A bit overcast, but…

View southish from woody gap

Love the residual ridge-bumps out on the upper piedmont.

Among other things, we wandered today along a path that brought us down into the old ex-Cherokee community of Suches from “above,” from the north (ish), and this was the view out of the mountains, into the piedmont from Woody Gap.

Breath of life

Blue guts exposed front

Today an enterprising engineering wizard (aka The Guru) exposed the guts of Blue/Blu (in English/Italian), used high-powered regular air (not in a pressurized can) to blow off the sensor or whatever had accumulated at least five dust-nasties that made the images…have blotches.

No more! Blue/Blu* is resurrected!

Thank you, Fix-it Guy!

Blue/Blu is our second Lumix point-and-shoot. The first one had a black case, and you can guess the color of the “new” one.

That’s the Chattahoochee

Autumn leaves n light across the hooch

Sometimes the light is working for you.

Sometimes the light is there and branches are in the way.

And sometimes you keep looking, and you find light there and branches not there, and you know that luck is on your side.