Two more things…

Lupine twins

First, the lupins/lupines are beginning to bloom! Just today; not yesterday.

This second one’s trickier. JCB and I have seen a white!! raptor!! soaring above the grasses above the field and through the orchard, yesterday afternoon and today, too. Not many times, but a few. It’s white. Like, very white. With black wing-tips and tips on the tail feathers. At least that’s what we think we’ve been seeing. Haven’t got the glasses on it.

Went through two editions of Sibley’s studying all the pictures, and there seems to be only one possibility: gyrfalcon, white variant. It’s a majestic bird.


  1. Sherry says:

    Could it be a very pale grey or maybe a partially albino harrier? I do believe we have had a very occasional gyrfalcon, in fact Will just says he saw a huge pale falcon just down the road….hmmm!

  2. Sherry says:

    Ps. Apparently 40% of gyrfalcon sightings are in the Soo….not too far away…