Weighty? bits

Bumblebee dead

I’m pretty sure this bumblebee died, and the flowers are dying around her/him. (No red. No tooth. No claw.)

I feel guilty sometimes that I don’t wash garbage. We’re supposed to put our recycling in the bin without foodbits, and sometimes I just can’t force myself to waste water and my time washing garbage—or more accurately, washing garbage from garbage. Elsewhere in this same garbage-ecosystem, foodbits are not removed, so, why am I instructed to do so?????

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I am obsessive about washing recycling containers and I guess I never really thought about it much. We are also told to put clean containers in our recycle cart and I also don’t like the smell. The garbage is bad enough — with what little we [usually] have now that we recycle so much. That should get better (less stinky) now that we can put meat, etc., in the compost cart with the yard waste. And I am freezing that stuff until there is enough yard waste in the cart to actually put it out in the street. Did that make sense? 😉