Traditional southern fare

Oregon grape bud

Some days I face this page and draw a blank. It’s not that I can’t remember what I did, it’s that it seems too mundane.

We DID dine at the Colonnade*, though. Guess that was pretty darned special. My first time.

Many people describe the Colonnade as a restaurant “that time forgot”—what I was first introduced to as a “meat and three” place—that is, three sides—with rolls and butter delivered right away. Now, they’re mostly like the Colonnade, and they’re “meat and two” places (in rural areas, the coffee/iced tea is usually included). Anyway, not sure if they’re checking to see if anyone is actually reading their website when they note: “The chef adds nighlty specials which may feature kangaroo, fresh fish, or a special twist on our southern features.” (Yes, that’s the spelling.)

That’s more southern than I usually think of as “southern fare”….

* Cash or check only; no credit cards. Soooo traditional.

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