London ➙ Paris

Starbux Brit Lib

The great switch day began with packing up. Despite how small our Ikea-sized room was, I kept finding little stashes of belongings that needed to be en-luggaged.

Eventually, we made our way to the BritLibrary Sbux, and gained functioning brain cells by astute application of caffeine and internet-time.

StPancras old clock

Then, a short roll to St Pancras for our pending international departure…. Soon, we were rolling at fast-train speeds. Overcast for our entry into France. Spring seems more sprung here.

Triple souffle Bressane

We had dressed for morning-London temps, and arrived in afternoon Paris-warmth, so adjourned to fast showers before heading out to an auberge (really a restaurant) that seemed well-reviewed on the web. We liked the posted menu and the street-appeal and strolled in. Tables available—yippee! This was our dessert, a house specialty, a trio of shuffles, each with a matching sauce/liquid added—chocolate (of course), caramel (out of this world buttery sauce), and Grand Marnier.

Tower Eiffel

Our after-dinner stroll was to, where else…. Don’t remember the blue spotlights. Look how leafed out the trees are here….

Under Eiffel

And looking back from the river, there’s the moon. Can you say romantic?

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