Liffey stroll last evening

Rosie Hacket bridge sunshine enjoyment

After I made yesterday’s post, we took a nap, then recognizing that we may not always have sunshine here on the Emerald Isle, and that it would likely help us make the time change, we headed out for a late-day stroll along the River Liffey Quay.

3D squirrel art

We found giant squirrel art, which looks like it was made of scrap, then painted. Very effective. And large.

Butt bridge

We decided we thought the water marks on the bridge indicates the level is fairly high. Nice reflections. Yes, that’s a commuter train track crossing above the road.

Swoopy bridge pair

These swoop supports are for two different bridges. The low pair is in the foreground (Sean O’Casey Bridge). The single high one is for a bridge farther downstream (Samuel Beckett Bridge).

Custom house

This is Dublin’s Custom House, built in 1791. Imposing.

LIffey quay iron hooks

Returning on the north bank, we noticed that a low flood wall has been added to the quay-side, so that the substantial iron hooks can no longer be used by moored vessels. Changing use of space, from industrial/commercial to pedestrian.

Bench by Liffey before sunset

One of my favorite shots of the stroll. We enjoyed the sun from this bench, just us, though, unlike the first image of a benched crowd.

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