Mini air-adventure

Droney lifting off

While out on a lunch/errand run, we stopped and the Guru sent Droney aloft.

Manistique R swamp

We figured the weeks of rain have made mud in the swamps that drain into the river—this is the Manistique. At the water’s-edge, we could tell the level had dropped several feet in the last two days or so. These are changeable times.

Bladder campion

Meanwhile, I braved the clouds of skeeters to get a few flower shots. When I finished focusing, I looked at my legs and smashed the critters front and back (shorts were a dumb move for this stop). I ended up with blood smears up and down. A quick wash and all I have to do is worry about nasty microbes taking up occupancy in my soft tissues. [Ick.] Moving on…this is bladder campion.

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