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Arch rad

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This x-ray (rad, in the medical world, I think) is of my right foot from above looking down. The toes are at the top and the ankle is at the bottom.

Here’s the sense I get at the moment. The oval is around the dislocation of the metatarsal that is between my big toe and my ankle, at the ankle end. it’s dislocated up and left, and makes a bump where there shouldn’t be one on the top of my foot.

The arrow points to a probable fracture at the ankle end of the next metatarsal. The WiseOne I spoke with today also said that the ligament that is on the arch/sole side is probably stretched and will be the slowest to heal of all of this.

I see the surgeon next Monday, and won’t know the healing protocol until then. As of now, it’s pain meds, ice, and elevation. And waiting.

And being waited on. Thank you, JCB.

I’m getting better with the crutches. But crutches.