Snow capped

Oh, look! Last night’s rain here was snow on the peaks!

Museum entry

Off to the last museum of the trip (right???). Turns out no photography inside. [Mr. Plaid is a ringer, not a member of our party.]

Apache Mtn Spirit dancer

Thankfully, there’s a sculpture garden and scattered monumental art. This is a giant Apache Spirit Mountain Dancer (Craig Dan Gosayun, 1995).

Rail runner photog

We looped by the Rail Runner, the train down to Albuquerque. Oregon and Michigan have the same problem, in that the capital city is not the business center of the state. Here, they’ve implemented a train to zip commuters back and forth. Yay!, New Mexico.

Rancho Rosita

Beautiful sunset light on our compound’s main residence.

Goodbye flowers

Will miss the flowering shrubs…this place is lovely. [Surveyors were here today marking off lots in the land that’s presently part of the property, so I suspect the main house and the casita will be amidst many houses, driveways, and hubbub, and not the quiet oasis in the high(ish)-altitude desert that we are enjoying. Sigh.]

Title refers to exclamation overheard from an 83-and-a-half-year-old this evening during a viewing of a few food pictures from our recent France trip; she may have had just too many pinto beans.

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  1. Diane says:

    Don’t forget my beloved Alabama….Birmingham isn’t the capitol but is the center of commerce. Unfortunately there’s no bullet train from B’ham to Montgomery. Hope you’re having fun, D