Shifting weather

Hartsfield passage art

Deep underground in the public passageways at “the world’s busiest airport” (they repeat frequently), the decision-makers have installed durable artwork. This blue-and-green installation is accompanied by bird calls, and seems to evoke a forest and its dappled light. About half-way down, there’s a clearing in the “leaves” and I could hear ducks quacking, although the birds aloft (sorry, no photo) were clearly geese. Brazen, I’m saying, brazen artistic license.

Bay at Carkeek

We departed the Deep South in sprinkles, and the sunlight that greeted us in the PacNW became spitty rain two hours later…providing aesthetic cloud cover for this Puget Sound inlet. […with both north- and south-bound trains—coal and autoracks, respectively.

Wild maybe rose

Seems like a wild rose, but that’s a guess…your flower for the day.

And, with the time change…yawn…and, gee, it’s now quite sunny out!

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