Infrastructure ∆s

Utility work ahead

Left on my walk passing this, and went down the street to check out the “work.” Found two trucks, several workmen, and could not figure out what system they were working on…didn’t appear to be water, sewer, or electric, suggesting it was fibroids…ehem, that is fiber….

Apts going going

We’ve been watching these apartments, mostly inhabited by Latino families, wondering when they would disappear to be replaced by high-dollar structures…this is the only one that looks like it’s being disassembled (perhaps 16 units); however, the rest can’t be far behind. And neighborhood diversity declines….

Hedge gone

Here’s a one-house project. I don’t usually come by here, and don’t know if this house was recently sold, but it sure appears that someone does not want a dense hedge out front. BIG change!

Crepe myrtle white

Okay, today’s pretty is crepe myrtle. I could have had some Athenian gardenias, but you’ll have to imagine them.

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    From “Only in Canada,” only it isn’t.

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