Cloud on mountain

We woke to rain that looked like it’d linger for most of the day. We conferred over coffee and decided that today was not the day for walking the streets. Instead we called “an inaudible” and drove along the river to the northeast.

Terrain view

We got some long views.

Mouth of Gouffre

Clearly, the tide was out at the mouth of the Gouffre.

Horse view

Some agriculture…all the horses I saw may have been draft horses….

Two ferries

We turned around where our next move would have been taking a ferry. You are looking at the mouth of the Saguenay River. This is a gen-you-wine fjord. We’ll have to come back to explore the fjord inland. Note the navigation light far left.

Low tide island

Tide’s still out. Gulls resting on temporary island.

Clearing sky

Definitely some clearing. Definitely still clouds.

Q town afar

There’s Q-town on the skyline around the curve of the St. Lawrence River. I think it’s a river here. What I was taught to call the St. Lawrence Seaway I now think of as a firth. But no one calls it that. Doesn’t really matter, however.

Lower town

We circled around below the centre-ville to continue along the river, that is the St. Lawrence and not the St. Charles to the west. I’d call this lower town…[pause for internet research]…so do the locals.

Nice enough close to the day; we’ll head to centre-ville tomorrow!