Local news tidbits

Dandy hostas

Here’s a variation on “rose between two thorns”—dandy between hostas!

To riff on Stephen Colbert, “Meanwhile…our microwave died during dinner prep.”


Bit of a failure…long time coming. I’ve had these shoes for something like 15 years. Mom wore them for a while when she had slick-soled old-lady shoes and couldn’t get any purchase to move her wheelchair. Then they came back to me and landed in the back of the closet. Back in the Before Time, I got them back out one rainy day…waterproof, you know. Love Keens.

Yellow iris

Most people I see around this neighborhood are being careful with social distancing. Today, I came across a backyard full of guys (I counted nine) who looked like 30-ish lawyer-banker types, judging by the haircuts and quality casual wear…drinking beer and yucking it up and making a few putts on a backyard putting green (usually cluttered with plant bits and ignored), I’m guessing because the country club is closed. They probably have an in with our clueless governor….


  1. Pooh says:

    Can you super-glue the outer sole back to the shoe?

  2. Sammy says:

    Probably; but, truly, the shoes’re worn out. And I have replacements. May salvage the laces for mask ties….