Golden light is not quite warm enough

I believe I have put the winter down duvet back on the bed four times as our warm spring switched to cool. And back. I did for last night, and it’s staying on for tonight. Then, I may pack it up until next fall.

Focus limit

Today I focused on little things. Like dust on a Venetian blind. I only got to one of them; more await.

Reduced guessing

A UP friend (who now lives in Florida, far from snow banks and running-board slush stalagtites) suggested I might enjoy a free app called “iNaturalist, LLC” that identifies plants. And boy howdy is it fast, even with a crappy picture with lots of shadows. I’m so loving it.

Even though I know this as Queen Anne’s Lace, the app notes that it’s Daucus species, probably Daucus carota, also known as wild carrot. Look how much I’m learning. Watch out, AT&T, I’m going to be burning through my data!

Also, I’m sorry I didn’t capture what looked to me like a hornet buzzing these flowers…it’d be another species for me to identify (somehow)!

Nothing big

Thinking Fibonacci.

And sequence.

Yeah, understatement title. 😉


To my eye, when I found this flower, I thought it was a rusty dark-beige, not as it appears here. Sunglasses?

This yellow one, on the other hand, looked like this.

Plain and fancy patterns

Here’s that property that I posted photos of on the 8th and 12th as the building clearing process was underway. Today, it’s all clean and the lot is flattened. It looks like the machine-operator “captured” a piece of i-beam and used it as a scraper. Smart!

Cardoon; fascinating foliage…the leafy cousin of the globe artichoke.

Growing and green

Bamboo spike

There are bamboos native to this region, yet I’m guessing this one is an invader.

No bamboos in this shot. See how leafy and green this boulevard view is…and it’s not just due to the evergreen magnolia in the median.

Fingers crossed

Vaccine shot reaction seems to be limited to sore arm, which seems a bit less now than it did this morning. My expectation is that the worst is over.

Done and done

Lucky 210. That was my number to get called to the nurse to get my #2 Pfizer shot. Yay! I’m shot up!


Back on the eighth, I spotted a machine munching this building. I think this is the same machine loading the crunched up pieces for removal.

Since the worker’s truck listed “asbestos removal” among their specialties, I opted to not hang around. Did not want to get a respiratory complication in these COVID times.

Nice flower. Don’t know name.