About five miles

Lookee eastward

Yum in advance

Happy arrival

GA to KY, and beyond

Yellow and orange tones

I'm perfunctory

Sidewalk news

I'm over-thinking

Special day

Auger + augur

Tree details

Plugging along

Probability bites

Hickorynut detritus

I tried

Today chore

Learn-something Friday

Happy trend

Autumn hints

Different era

Outer bands arrive

Botany bits

Gossipy bits

Light shining

Murky morn

Lunar view

Cast your eyes to the skies

Water and light

Closeup milieu

Open house

Beyond flowering

Drive-up adventure

Charging along

Another mystery

Fred's fangs

Remains a mystery


I am not exaggerating


Good eating

Urban gathering

F x 2

Flowering stories

Wonderful day


Haze survey continues

Haze variation

Visual crossover

Yawning, anthropomorphizing

Many bonuses


Beyond arduous

Bucolic observations

Retro strategies

Or both

Road sign, plus

Evening activity

Splish splash

Air quality

Tree tales


AirBnB (ish)

Haze data

Driving Refuge visit

Bits of our day

Wildlife notes, limited edition


Highwater biz

Ag check

Anthropomorphizing again

Morning on the farm

Marking time

Flower drama

Clear water, color variations

Reflection reality

Morning report

Color thoughts

Nemesis update

Snap snap

Watching and watching


Cheerful color

Mushroom pair

Fasten your seatbelts

Muggy, sticky, stifling

Mild confusion


Mystery of life #422.8e

Cloud info