This old old…


Finally the Brits get their collective archaeological act together and investigate the greater Stonehenge area, and wah-lah (as they say down on the GA coast), there’s interesting evidence of feasting and domesticity—don’t skip the fun 32 second animation! For a time, many of my colleagues were smitten with the idea of empty (non-residential) civic-ceremonial centers, and it’s good to know how occupied the Stonehenge area was—and that partying was a big deal. Not a big surprise there, these were the ancestors of some hard-drinking modern types….

I’d have to see more data than the Smithsonian is reporting here (note that the investigations were funded from this side of the Atlantic!) to understand the whole river use angle, but ideology is where it’s at—and the most impossible piece of cultural reality from an archaeological period.


  1. anne-bananne's eldest says:

    wow… this is so cool… my inner archaeologist is jumping up and down.

  2. Sammy says:

    Maybe sometime together we can tour the area—or some other closer to home, like this continent?!!!!!