Meme myth?

Milk crates

I know about the water-into-wine meme; perhaps this is an attempt at rocks-into-milk?

Movie diagnostics

State line sign

This kind of yellow sign with the central arrow and upside-down words means a movie shoot location. At least here.

No parking

No big trucks, but many cars were parked on a normally emptier residential street. Two security guards and no sign of grips or talent or others. I just kept going. Nothing to be seen here.

Praying mural

I’ve noticed the butterfly several times, and only today saw the praying mantis. The eyes make her/him!

Sight and story


The topography in this immediate area is that at dawn midtown is behind a bit of a ridge, then the sun gets high enough that it blasts he heights of the buildings in midtown. Like this. In this case: a view across the roof of a welding?? warehouse.

No parking

I’m amazed by this house…no parking signs on a public street with open parking. And threats of video surveillance. With cameras down the whole block, I assume funded by this resident. Hypothesis.

Little surprises

Mushroom under

When I saw on the morning weather that it would be 81° by 10am, I thought: get moving! And, after the usual milling around, I did!

Brickwork problems

Yeah, and outside it also was HUUUUUU-mid. Although, during my wander, I did find a fine, upstanding mushroom (with gorgeous gills), and a wee library (not closed like the government ones) with foundation problems.

Rather personal

Magnolia half open

So, I had an anxiety dream last night that I’d never had before. Late for an appointment (or exam)…or can’t find someone that you desperately need to find…that kind of thing: yes. But this time: I was wandering around a restaurant (!!) and didn’t have a mask…and I didn’t know why I didn’t have one and didn’t know where to get one, and very much WANTED A MASK. Yes: total anxiety!

Also, Covid-“joke” of the day: wear a mask unless you want to home-school your kids this fall!

Look fast

Doomed building

Lately, about once a week I traipse by this building to see if it’s still standing. It began as a light industrial nexus adjacent to a railroad track.

Crepe myrtle trunks

Now the railroad track is gone, and the right-of-way is an artery for foot traffic, segways, bicycles, and the like. And the edifice was long ago converted into artist studios and apartments.

Such is the evolution of land use.



Almost everything that catches my eye when I’m out “taking my exercise” is what you’d expect…sidewalks and streets, traffic, parked vehicles, road signs, mailboxes, plants and lawns, dog-walkers, joggers, kid’s toys, puddles, organic matter that the rain last night downed, wandering cats, stray chipmunks, assorted flags—all that you’d expect in a neighborhood-with-a-small-business-area. Special today: garbage containers.

This I didn’t anticipate: juse…written in white paint on an industrial electrical conduit box. Still trying to decode “juse.”

Precip three ways

Dew on windshield

We had a heavy-dew morning.

Crow lineup

Then it was just plain humid. And hot.

Light all over

And storms came through early this evening.

In the time of Covid


These guys are doing their volleyball thing like there’s no covid likely to be transmitted while heavy-breathing. [Two weeks ago, the MLB allowed baseball teams to open spring training; now they’ve got so many Covid-Positive players and staff that everything’s closed again. A cosmos for the rest of us.]

Temporary trailer classrooms

Among the many remodeling, construction, and rebuilding activities that are underway because: covid closed, trucks today removed several portable trailer-classrooms from a nearby elementary school. I look forward to seeing how this works out. Fewer classrooms to densify students? THAT doesn’t make sense…so what are they up to? Standing by….

Urbanized urbanizations

Covid car spot

In my head, I call these covid car spots…whether there’s a car (or other vehicle) there or not. They are distinguished by the drip line and sedimentation pattern. Many covid cars have been moved…this one is a fresh exit. [It’s by the house where a couple walked their cats (one each) during the height of staying home.]

Sidewalk watering

Some city people water their sidewalks. I’m not sure, but I hypothesize that they think it’ll make the cracks seal up.

Sculpture above fence

Whimsical sculpture…by fence. Is it a razorback hog? A dog with muscular thighs? Not sure.