In the heat of August

Utility shot

Here’s today’s utility shot. (😎Apologies; I couldn’t help myself.)

Pampas grass heads

Then, is this a utility plant photo? Doesn’t seem like it to me; I do like the feathery pampas grass-heads….

Monet and Wanka

Monet crackers

We went exploring today in our favorite mega-mart, the veggie and foodstuff place and not the Chinese-and-Asian-import kind. I liked the idea that these were “entertainer” crackers, but not enough to buy them.

Sauna hat

I tried to parse the label and came up with Sauna Hat. Anyone know differently? (Today was hat day on a friend’s blog, as it turns out, but a very different hat.)

Gated lawn

Gate fence shadow

I’m noticing that Mr Sun is spending more time on the away side, and darkness hangs around much longer into the morning hours. The inevitable winter is coming….

Not my story

Dead iPhone cartoon

A random stroll in a hip neighborhood…I came around a corner and this. A dot-blouse.


Utility disguise

I saw this out of the corner of my eye and had to back up to make sure what I was seeing. Yup, contact paper that looks like a brick wall. I agree with the idea; this is better than a grey metal box, especially for a spot you see near-daily—plus this is a big utility box!

Stump fungi

This stump is losing its battle with the fungi. Their function in the wild is as part of the army of living things that breaks down dead things. I’m no specialist, but I counted five visually different fungi in the process of turning this oak into dust.


Tree of life maybe

I don’t know if the artist intended this to represent a tree of life instead of just a contrast to the buildings, but that’s what I think of.

An awakening neighborhood

Pumping to manhole

After rounding a few corners in the early-light, and encountering dogs secure behind yard fences that barked at me, I rounded the corner by this and heard an engine running at a constant speed. Then I saw the orange barrels in the middle of the street. What’s this I thought. Not sure; the pump is down in a very low spot that used to be a parking lot behind a small apartment building. I can assume it has collected rain, but I’n not sure why this time it was decided to pump it out.

Backlit dogwood leaves

Elsewhere I encountered the sun, out to warm me since 79°F is apparently not warm enough…but the backlit dogwood leaves it created rather took my breath away.

Detroit scissors

Orning fog field

This morning’s fog kept the sun from punching through until sometimes shortly after, maybe?, nine? Loved that it obscured the woods….

Detroit scissors chives

Foraged in the long grass for chives. I’ve been using them frequently…local farm-to-table produce, I guess….

Happy Fireworks Day

Monty Python on 4th

And Monty Python “shall taunting you a second time”…in Luce County….

Regular and irregular patterns

Brexit stepping stones

This probably sounds strange, but I looked at the brick pavers and the borders in this verge-walk and thought of the Brexit pre-voting polls, which suggest an even split among voters. We shall see what they do (46.5 million potential voters—we’ll also see what the turn-out numbers are). What I have heard from card-carrying economists suggests “IN” is the wiser choice. On the emotional front, however, it’s far more complicated. I had a similar reaction to the recent Scotland vote (economic vs emotional).

Off lawn parking

On a totally different note, I found this off-lawn parking “lot” on a street I don’t usually check out in my morning prowls. That’s some colorful plastic!