Ready fire engine

I keep forgetting to mention that when we were at BHFM the other day, we saw a man in line to check out, leaning on his forearms on the handle of his grocery cart. And standing on the handle, looking forward, a large parrot. Large. Parrot. Yup.

Bloomin tree

The trees are popping. We’re amidst blooming dogwood days. But this isn’t a dogwood.

Midsomer statuary

Brit hugging statue

When I first saw this strange Brit hugging-critter statue, I thought: frogs. Now, studying the photo I made (yeah, I was distracted by the act of taking it), I see that it’s lizards, iguanas, something like that.

Still: strange.

BHFM goodies

Flowers dyed

Like many groc stores, the Buford Highway Farmers Market (without a single farmer in sight) puts flowers right by the front door. I think these MUST be dyed.

Red jalapenos

These, no. This is “their” color.

Sardines no can

Sardines. No can.

Marinated apples

Marinated apples. I wondered what the marinade was. Sugary and sweet? Sharp and vinegary? Wine?

Maybe next time I’ll buy one and see. They are in what I call the Eastern European section, but I may have my geography wrong. The Cyrillic script kinda gives it away.

How do YOU say “Cashel”?

Dogwood watered down

I’ve been meaning to note that the dogwoods are blooming. I have a soft spot for Cornus florida. [And the pears are about finished, leaves supplanting petals.]

Sunset light

Nice color in the sunset sky, but not terribly widespread. Still, I was moved by the orange-pink shading.

Title refers to my touring-Ireland research…spent some time today pondering the limestone plateau that is the Rock of Cashel….

Buddhist pantheon?

Eyebrow man

My lovely neighbor took me on a wee expedition this afternoon, in which we visited what I took to be a contemplative garden, Vietnamese Buddhist style. The eyebrows on this fellow went down past his knees. Astounding.

Ear cleaning lesson

I’m guessing this guy has ear-wax buildup or ear-fleas…something dire.


However, I’m going to interpret this as a sign that it’s okay that I have no idea what these characters are intended to indicate, or symbolize, or whatever.

I’m an anthropologist in the dark on a sunny day.

π day

Empty cop car blocks streetcar

Here’s a scene for a short story, or to fit into a longer narrative: streetcar brought to a halt by an abandoned police car left in a well-marked don’t-park-here spot. No police action anywhere around; I couldn’t even guess where the driver went. Result: incessant honking by the streetcar driver, first beep-beep-beep, then beeeeeeeeeeeeee (without letup). No one had shown up by four minutes later when we departed from our very legal parking spot down the block. It’s not like the streetcar can drive around!

Pi x 3 plus 2

We have honored and celebrated π day by dining this evening on pies. Three dinner pies and two teeny sweet pies. The flavors: chicken-bacon, steak-stout, and chicken-mushroom. Dessert: apple and peach. I didn’t make them, but I did reheat them.


Viola of some kind

Turns out health care for the whole country is complicated.

Our household’s gets more complicated every year for sure.


Fog in morning

We began the morning in a fog. Real fog. We took care of the coffee-fog with the usual medicinal application!

Uktena etched pot

At our first stop, we went back in time to the Mississippian world, which must have been rich in symbolic imagery, stories of other-worlds, and so on—enough to make you shiver. Archaeologists and art historians call this critter the horned serpent, and also use uktena, which is/is from a Cherokee word.

Edmund Pettus brige view NNW

Next stop was in Selma, the Edmund Pettus Bridge. We didn’t walk across, only part way; however, we drove across three times We also looped by the Brown Chapel AME Church, which is where the SCLC met, and where the three marches in 1965 that headed from Selma to Montgomery began.

Talented vortex

MidS Scholastic 5some

These awards are given out around the nation. The country is divided into 100 geographic areas (with similar populations?). The Mid-South region included parts of three states. The art was in many forms…drawing, photography, fashion, sculpture, and so on. The six judges spent four days with something like three thousand pieces in three age-graded groups. These five from the “Junior” group are receiving the highest level awards, and their pieces go into the national competition. One is our friend, and a talented, smart, lovely gal. She got one medal for that painting?drawing? piece. She got two other medals for two other submissions. So, out of the Junior group, she took home three of those red-ribboned medals…. Major kudos!

Fisheye eye

And when I loaned her my phone and fish-eye lens, this is what she created….

Lafayette co courthouse

As part of our celebrations, we headed downtown for pizza. Turned out that the streets and restaurants were clogged with film-weekend folks. We ended up doing take-out and it was yummy. I listened for Faulkner’s footsteps and looked for his ghost. Nada.

Eyes open

Rest area curtain

Of course you travel to find out more about what you expect to see and learn about. I also travel for the surprises. Like this: a fancy curtain treatment in a…ready? rest area display area!!

In Mississippi.