Short cuts

Waldo tavern

You’ve heard of “Where’s Waldo.” This is Waldo. This is Waldo’s downtown tavern. This is where you get a brewski and a bologna sandwich.

Fallow ohio

This is winter-fallow Ohio. Note snow persists only in the shade; however, more serious winter is coming.

Teasel silhouette

Teasel silhouette.

Mountain road cut

Massive mountain road cut. Ice scabs on Mother Earth.

Mezze apps

Mezze trio. Left to right: Lebanese hummus, Syrian muhamarra, and smoked eggplant zaalouk. My first time eating the latter. Yum, however my favorite of these three is the muhamarra.

(Winter warm) = wet + fog

Melt in swamp

Here’s the road in the swamp. It was snow-pack two days ago. It was melty-melty in the above-freezing temps as we left our favorite northern outpost.

Fog at Bridge

All the warmth and melting means a load of moisture in the air, which today translated as fog. Heavy fog. The Bridge support just loomed above us, rather indistinct. Soooo glad it wasn’t windy!


We played road tag with this vehicle for several dozen miles. I laughed at the tag and I think the Guru momentarily lusted for the blade. The other day I discovered he may slightly more intensely lust for a blinking light to put atop the cab, as a minority of plow-fronted pickups have for increased safety/visibility as they are plowing.

Frozen critters

Bunnie ceramic

For these first two photos, I don’t mean frozen in the temperature sense, but as sculptures. Cute ceramic bun-bun.

Armadillo ivy

And meet Ivy the Iron Armadillo (Spanish…say arm-ah-deee-yo).

Flowering quince

However, because actual temperature freezing is coming within 24 hours, be careful beautiful flowering quince flowers; Grumpy Old Man Winter will be here very soon!

White fences

Round finial

Finials are not newels, but may be atop newels.

Round finial.

Knurled finial

Knurled finial.

Sphere mysteries

Gutter pingpong balls

I was down the street when I spotted these white spheres by the curb. I thought, “what are turtle eggs doing in the gutter,” quickly followed by, “those can’t be turtle eggs!”

And so they aren’t: pingpong balls. Still: why a pair in the gutter?

Deflated red sphere

This deflated sphere I couldn’t identify, even after a close visual inspection. No, I didn’t touch, even with a stick. And the organic sphere next to it…some kind of seed/fruit element, also unknown.

New and old

New stump

Brand new stump. See yesterday’s entry…. Seems like ginkgo wood might make pretty furniture….

Old stump

Old stump. Oak, I’m guessing.


New flowers. Crocuses (or is it croci?). Spring comes early when we have Dec/Jan heat waves in the Sunny South. Up in the 60s today, but I’m guessing tonight’s rain will lower the temps for tomorrow.


Lost troll

Note sunshine. What you can’t see is that the temps were around 30. I even found an icy slick on a sidewalk (just one), I think where an irrigation system was leaking. Perhaps because it was cold, below freezing cold, last night. I think this critter got lost from a stroller event, and someone put it here above the sidewalk (no slick below) so it might get found….

Super moon eclipsing

Speaking of last night, at 10:30pm we went out to see the super blood wolf moon (or perhaps in a different order?) in partial eclipse. Just try saying that three times fast! The blood part isn’t apparent in the photo; I did see a red tinge.


Downed sign

I declare there’s a spate of sign-driving-over in this neighborhood. Can it be because drivers are looking up to catch the super blood wolf moon eclipse too early?

RTT has ended

Six flags partial

Coming into Atlanta from the west, the interstate passes by a major amusement park just before it descends to cross the Chattahoochee River.

View E ATL

At night, the view of the city is…twinkly.

With this post, I report the end of the Rainbow Triangle Trip. Accomplished all goals, foremost among them seeing loved ones. Fun trip; and, simultaneously happy to be home.

Looking east

Ice antenna

This morning the fog was thick and the temp was such that the moisture attaching to the antenna as we zoomed down the highway froze!

Wind mills

Later, clearing was partial and we saw many wind mills; here’s an early one and many current models….

Llamas lone star

Genuine lone star llamas!

Cinnamon rolls Fresh remote

The oppressiveness I feel from all this packaging tells me it’s time to bring this Rainbow Tour to an end to escape all these cheerful protections….