Old new friend

Today was the fourth consecutive day that I managed to attain a split (mile) at faster than 18 minutes. That’s a good pace for my recovering lower limbs.

Given that I was feeling good when I left the house, I went a different direction than I have been going this month, and once again checked out the Beside-the-BeltLine apartment complex that’s under construction. The floor decking is down, and the rebar is poking up, just as it does across much of the concrete-using third-world. The best, however, is the row of pickups servicing their workmen and the worksite.


Yesterday I saw a trickle of fluorescent green ooze here. today, there’s a broad area of disturbance covered by plywood. And many more orange cones standing sentinel.

Capital improvements

I discovered this Big Green Pump a week ago. It must be quite a project, as now there are more pipes stacked and additional barriers. I walked off to the left, and a crew of guys were installing mini-bridges across the curb-edges at each driveway on one side of the street. The mini-bridges had connectors at each end, I think to allow the project to pump piped water above ground down that street while still allowing homeowners to use their driveways. Still don’t fully understand the Big Green Pump project.

Regulations vs bureaucracy

A week or so ago, we received a notice about a movie shoot closing a block or so for a limited time. Hand delivered. As per city regulations, I’m certain.

This disruption, however, with a giant green water(?) pump: no notice whatsoever. And one not-so-busy and two busy intersections closed. Totally. Thank you, city of ATL. And I’m guessing we’ll have steel plates to bump over for quite some time after.

Dix pour cent

As far as TV viewing, we finished the Finnish series we were watching (Deadwind), and now we’re immersed in French (Call my Agent!). Either way, I’m glad for English subtitles.

No-vet-bill sheep

I find this yard-sheep appealingly winsome. I’ve been eyeing it as a photo possibility, but kept walking every time until today. Yet, my photo doesn’t convey the appeal I found in person. Instead, it just looks like a plastic…something.


Looks like I need some fresh spices for…well, for the next pumpkin pie season…. So, the big question: now? (so they’re in the house when needed); or later? (so they’re fresher when needed).

* FWP = first world problem

Boxing mysteries

Camellia profile

I read a bit online about Boxing Day. I guess today can’t be Boxing Day, at least in some times and places, because it’s a Sunday. Mostly I was trying to find out what the boxes were made of, because the ritual began before cardboard. Perhaps the box meant alms boxes at the church, or perhaps the box was what the gifts were put in. I’m betting either way the boxes were some kind of wood, but I didn’t get that confirmed.


Joy street art

Seasonal public art.

Honoring new-to-me medication I just got today. So far: successful. It’s a gel with 1% diclofenac sodium (yes, I got the generic), to treat arthritis joint pain and swelling. With the first treatment, I felt much better in 10 minutes, which is huge. It’s rather messy to put on, especially compared to the ease of chugging a couple of tablets, but the NSAID chemistry is better overall with the gel than by-mouth tabs.

Oh, my

Omicron is the dominant strain of COVID now in the US. This is what highly transmissible statistics look like.

And my sense of science indicates more variants are coming…not just variants, but variants we civilians will be talking about.