Architectural space hallway

Did a wee (and I mean wee) bit of thinking about the power of the Internet in connecting people who otherwise would not encounter one another. Not ground-breaking, that thought, but worth contemplating for several reasons. I was considering how/whether it makes for a significantly different dynamic when considering how civilizations and societies function.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, is this broad, empty hallway in a busy well-populated office building this size mostly to satisfy fire regulations? That’s a lot of square footage that can never be rented….

Traditional southern fare

Oregon grape bud

Some days I face this page and draw a blank. It’s not that I can’t remember what I did, it’s that it seems too mundane.

We DID dine at the Colonnade*, though. Guess that was pretty darned special. My first time.

Many people describe the Colonnade as a restaurant “that time forgot”—what I was first introduced to as a “meat and three” place—that is, three sides—with rolls and butter delivered right away. Now, they’re mostly like the Colonnade, and they’re “meat and two” places (in rural areas, the coffee/iced tea is usually included). Anyway, not sure if they’re checking to see if anyone is actually reading their website when they note: “The chef adds nighlty specials which may feature kangaroo, fresh fish, or a special twist on our southern features.” (Yes, that’s the spelling.)

That’s more southern than I usually think of as “southern fare”….

* Cash or check only; no credit cards. Soooo traditional.

And the logic is…

Bike caboose

Seems like a workable combo, until you consider that the train-management probably wouldn’t like a bike tethered to the railing—insurance worries, I’m guessing.

The secret is that this caboose is parked, and seemed to be the office of a bike-messenger business.

BTW, that cream-colored canister is for spent butts.

Fringed wall art

Upsidedown deer head art

Customarily, on Friday evenings we’re homebodies. Tonight we ventured out. We saw ART. SCAD art. Specifically, the SCADpads.

I’d hate to say this to Them, but the art I most enjoyed was Mother Nature’s sunset….

This architectural detail from one of the pads I found disturbing not for the windings, but for being upside down.

Bovine vacation wear

Bessie beachbound

Bessie’s headed for the beach.

Plus the plants are obscuring the poor hoof-modeling James mentioned….

Yard art

Yellow submarine cardboard

Found this yellow submarine (pretty sure of this ID) hanging out on a front lawn in the neighborhood when I was out before the heat of the day had built up. Or is it a tank?

Library trends

Library apple maybe

First trend: this tree is laden with blooms, and they smell heavenly. Sorry you’re missing it….

Second trend: older couples each with a small device, using the library’s fast pipe to cruise whatever on their phones/devices. We also see a combo with one laptop and one device. I have not noticed the two-devices phenomena here in the hinterlands before….

No lie

Black creek flooding pure sky

Black Creek Flooding with a glorious sky.

Cruising back from Library-Town, we passed a fellow walking down the road carrying a very large parrot.

Early voting protocol

Caladium n friends

Caladium leaf among the colorful plantings in front of the center….

We early-voted today, over at a senior citizens center. The four ladies operating the voting room (about ten booths) were close to being senior citizens, or are already, depending on your definition. We found them charming, and very careful to tell us they were passing our IDs to the next lady, if it was okay with us.

Race Day

Julep pair
Ring for juleps vert

We have a lovely neighbor who is from Lexington-area horse-country, and holds an annual party on Derby Day.

She’s a talented lady who also grows a front- and back-garden of flowers, with blooms nearly every day of the year.

This year, with a late spring, the roses and irises are all still gorgeous, although they’re usually less showy by now.

She also gives prizes for lady’s hats (no entry from me this year, although maybe next year? if I have help and prodding and a glue-gun loan from N and B).

And, yes, the juleps are delightful!