“Way down upon de Swanee Ribber…”

Suwannee River downstream

The Suwannee; WikiPee says Stephen Foster took out a syllable to make the syllables work.

Not sad and dreary here, although it’s been overcast much of the day. (And it’s raining at the moment.)

Actually a fine adventurous day!

Reptiles continue to be well-represented among our wild-critter sightings. Got two more snakes today. One raccoon. Many shoreline and wading birds. Watched a flock of white pelicans soar overhead, spiraling upward in lazy ovals, real eye candy as the sun caught them broadside.

Also, tourists from outside San Diego, nice couple. Vehicle had CA plates, so they’re ambitious! Said this is their walnut(!!) farm.

Lots of planted pines interspersed with palmetto volunteers. Cypresses and cypress knees. Oaks of many sorts. Large blue-violet irises in a few flooded ditches. A species of yellow-flowered weed. …and men-eeee moooore!

Flat flat flat flat (but I’ve mentioned this recently).

Closer to…heaven, etc.

Baptist church cedarkey

Baptist Church.

The high points of Cedar Key are staked out by various civic-ceremonial structures. The Baptists and Episcopalians got two of them.

The community got one, and put the water tower there. After all, drinking water is a scarce and valued commodity in these—and many other—parts.

The final peak (such as it is) is capped by an “Indian Burial Mound.” Much of it has been borrowed away, and what’s left looks rather eroded. So you understand what you’re looking at, the retaining wall label clarifies….

Indian mound cedarkey

Note that an easy stroll around the Key’s streets gave me several flights (registered by the Fitbit), unlike the flats we explored around Crystal River yesterday.

Sun over yardarm in Éire

Paddys green

Atlanta does “Black Irish” differently than Ireland (although WikiPee says in Ireland they don’t use the term much). Lining up the porta-potties at the top of the hill made sense for the delivery truck, even if it meant users had to climb a steep slope to reach that particular Promised Land. Gave the security guy at the far end of the lineup (in black) a good chance to see who was having a hard time scaling the grassy slope…easier to pick out the over-imbibed.

The sun did duck in and out a bit, however most of the time I wandered the park, it was out—and glorious. The standard uniform of the day (not mine) was a green t-shirt. I liked the one that said stroke me to get some Irish luck—on a well-over-six-foot black guy who lifts weight at least several times a week. Often the shirt was paired with garish green headwear, sometimes made with pipe-cleaners.

As I understand Catholicism and its holidays, saint’s days are on a particular day, so that babies may be named for the saint upon whose day they were born. It is or it isn’t that saint’s day.

Soooo, I find it interesting that these many (probably non-Catholic) celebrants have “moved” the celebration from days-away 17 March to this fine Saturday. Across the old world, having a major holiday midweek was desirable—it meant shorter work hours that week! In this modern world, however, we do the opposite, and move our celebrations to the weekend, or celebrate on the weekend whatever the irony of that….

Fish Friday

Yellow carp scales aswimming

How good are you at recognizing a fish by its scales? Clue: this one was found in a (big, international) grocery store.

I didn’t buy him, selecting instead from the tuna steak and sushi-grade salmon.

Identified on the sign as “yellow carp” my guess is this is Cyprinus carpio, and it was farm-raised. And if WikiPee has it right, this is on the “Worst Invasive Species” list. And, may I say, dead (so not invading). Supposed to be tasty stewed in red wine.

Everyone smiles…

Jarritos x two

Scary hands…scary smiles….

Actually, if you like fruity sodas, as I recall, Jarritos Mandarin is pretty tasty. And I’m not much of a soda fan….

Archaeology in service of advertising…scary most every time, ¿no?

In limbo?

Train downtown seattle

There’s this idea that time could be suspended, maybe that life hits pause in some mysterious way at some perplexing and somewhat unpredictable Moment. I propose that this may happen when you wait with the dinging bells and flashing lights for a train to pass at a crossing.

Or maybe it’s that when the sky is overcast and the clouds are lowering, the regular, accustomed Time is…not what you experience.

January reset

Pig head drop

At New Year’s, Atlanta has a peach drop. (I’ve had lemon drops, but never a peach-flavored one….)

Then, in January, there’s a pig-head drop. It’s not an official event, but we caught it this year. Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall sponsors a Pink Pig “holiday ride” with pink pig heads on high poles to advertise the tent below that surrounds the ride. (Extra credit: guess what color the tent is.)

This shot is from when we entered the mall. By the time we left, the heads were bubble-wrapped, ready for shipping and warehousing for another eleven months or so.

Production step analysis

Bow applique on giant planter

By adding this appliqué to this huge planter, the designer-manufacturer added production steps. That made it more expensive to make. I’m guessing they also figured it would sell more pots.

Hard partying?

Brick only house

Do you suppose they partied so hard bringing in the new year that they blew off the roof and then decided to renovate/remodel?

December miscellany

Maasi warrior mural

We took advantage of the weekend 10% across the board Target discount, a nod to the 40 million card numbers that Target’s computers did not keep safe, but only very lightly. No Barbies—I saw carts with multiple Barbies roaming the aisles. No clothing. Odds and ends like…toilet paper.

On a different stop, we were looking for inexpensive bourbon for…Bourbon Balls! Growing up, Mom orchestrated the baking of dozens of cookies in several styles, along with usually three, kinds of fruitcake, and the unbaked Bourbon Balls. Me, I get to the Bourbon Balls, and rarely farther.

We found this peeling mural of a Maasi warrior on one of our non-Target stops….