Out, secret, out

On our recent trip to Seattle, we managed to see the younger nephew graduate from HS…before we tested positive for Covid. All this time being so careful since it arrived on our shores, and this highly transmissible variant got us when we were far from home.

We had mild congestion and snottiness, took the antiviral pills, got better, and finally tested negative. This was our basement quarantine room, and we had generous hosts who let us stay although we were infectious. We were very lucky, and very glad we finally recovered and could return home.

And, today we received a large shipment of N-95 masks, the best quality available (unless you have complex breathing equipment)…because anything else is a joke to this variant. Remember: N-95’s are only 95% effective, and that’s if they are properly sealed to your face.


That Friday ruling took the pizzazz out of my weekend. Well, truthfully, far more than pizzazz.

Still thinking that those who believe in proselytizing are therefore arrogant (as in: I know better than you), and have no business being judges. I’ll leave it there…as steam rolls out of my ears.

Out the vehicle window

Spotted on the roadside. I think it’s an Edsel.

This, however, I know to be the rainbow crossing in Midtown. It was first temporary and removed, then there was an outcry and political maneuvering, and some time later, presto, it returned to stay.


An abhorrent southern gardening practice is to over-trim, as in brutally butcher, lowly and fast-growing crepe myrtles. This ruthless, vile, and harsh custom annoys me to no end. Or greatly. Your choice.


Yesterday, I managed to skip the most demanding…topic…that I keep in mind when I walk: inhale through nose ONLY. ONLY. It is not instinctive; it is not easy to maintain. And yet: very important (to not tickle your vagus nerve…better to keep it quiescent).

Often, I post photos of organic subjects. Not always. Like today. Pure material culture. Functional, manufactured objects. Features. Parts of larger systems. Vroom. Whoosh.


Humidity and impending rain created an atmosphere such that I couldn’t face pulling ivy and the mattock work I’ve been doing for two weeks, so I opted to walk. Still humid. Still rain pending (in 49 minutes, professed my watch—and it was right). I’ve been sparing my ever-so-sensitive knees by not pounding the pavement with a daily walk, so I turned tables and headed out for haunts I haven’t checked up on lately. Mucho progresso at the neighborhood firehouse, and I’m sure the fire-folk will love the upgrades.

And our new favorite summer evening menu: salmon salad. Like this. With lettuce and tomatoes and a drizzle of “balsamic glaze,” a TJ’s prep that is made with grape must, and is yummy (thank you, Cuz, for introducing me to it!), although it may not sound yummy.

In short, a day of changed habits.


We just started a new international television series. It’s called Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı, or Midnight at the Pera Palace. For enquiring minds: the Pera Palace is a real hotel that had its grand opening in 1895.

Turns out that just like Finnish and Swedish, we can’t understand Turkish merely by listening to it.


On our wee jaunt yesterday, we found abundant evidence that the highway department’s routing specialists have gone for traffic circles in a big way in recent years. In our experience, they can showcase, um, interesting art. And varied detritus.

I’m telling

I spent some time this afternoon finding tell settlements. It’s very rewarding. Many mounds like this: standing above the landscape, and possibly with archaeological trenching. Hard to miss.

Others were plenty tricky to find. Hah!

This peony: hard to miss. And a target for bees.

Smell the flowers

A viburnum. In bloom.

No malicious cyber tools here.

Apparently They may attack the energy grid with malware. They is the GRU, and perhaps additional groups.