Yellow and orange tones

So much individuality in these little free libraries. This is a brand new one, been around perhaps a week, at least in this location. [Note: individuality NOT personality.]

And, once again, an insect photo-bombs a flower photo. As they do.

Plugging along

This is not far from yesterday’s Tree of Refuge, and the parking zone (official? I do not think so) is at the bottom of a moderate hill…and the rain/deluge made the rides into a big blue metal pile. Abandoned property?

I think the slight haziness is my fault…a smear on the lens.

I was surprised to see that a cloud obscured some of the buildings…I thought it was clear, clear, clear.

This was after I cleaned the lens.

Today chore

We still have a few bills we have to pay in an addressed envelope with a stamp and the appropriate bells and whistles. Seems “so last century.”

“So last century” is a Guru phrase. Patented?

Learn-something Friday

I had to look this beauty up (as in: trigger my iNaturalist app). I thought surprise lily-ish, but not quite. And it isn’t quite.

It’s a Lycoris species, native to a big swath of Asia, as far west as Iran. One of its nicknames here in the south is hurricane lily, as it blooms during…wait for it: hurricane season.

Light shining

In Joshua Rothman’s “Thinking it Through” (New Yorker, Aug 23rd), I came across the term motivated reasoning. He writes that it’s when your gut tells you what to think and your mind then figures out how to think it (paraphrasing).

Earlier on the Gail/Anthony/Tony show, I had seen a clip of a woman at the mic at a school board meeting on mask-wearing by attending children, who declared, “Science is not facts.”

Sounds like motivated reasoning.

Closeup milieu

Decorated, decorative wall. Turquoise…lichen?

Simple ID: red red red hibiscus.

Open house

Wandering the neighborhood, I saw far more parent-children walkers than normal. Then I got to the firehouse and saw they were having an open house. And it made sense.

Even with the low overcast.

Had to include this spiral gardenia. Smelled terrific.

Drive-up adventure

To avoid Delta exposure, we went to the drive-through at the pharmacy. Turned out to be a poor choice. It took on average ten (!!) minutes per vehicle ahead of us. Same to take care of us. May try a different pharmacy next time. We were in line long enough that a rain storm came up.

Unusual sprouting trunk. Effectively a natural form of coppicing.


If I recall the figures correctly, I saw a report today that indicated that Americans who got the “original” Covid19 infected, on average, 2 to 3 other people. This nasty Delta variant, well, on average, 5 to 7 peoople are infected per afflicted person. This is why hospitals and health care workers are overwhelmed. By almost entirely, the unvaxxed.

BTW, while in the UP, we’d see maybe one or two other people in the grocery store wearing a mask; here: pretty much everyone is wearing a mask, or double masks. The latter is my style, these days.

Been walking early, trying to avoid the sun’s rays…and the heat and sun damage they bring…just too/so uncomfortable to wear long sleeves and long pants, and I do not like to slather on zinc or other barrier preparations on a daily basis.

Jealous of the in-laws who have a coffee maker they can trigger remotely as they make the final leg of their morning walk. Me, I do it the old way—well, with an electrified coffee maker…so, dating to late last century. Heh.

Good eating

Yesterday I mentioned urban gathering. Here’s some straight-up urban agriculture. Cukes on the left, and maize, tomatoes, and okra on the right. [A neighbor garden.]

On the other hand, I have “regular” basil, Thai basil, and a scrappy mint plant. Only herbs…no veg. Too much shade for the sun-demanding species….