Fog in morning

We began the morning in a fog. Real fog. We took care of the coffee-fog with the usual medicinal application!

Uktena etched pot

At our first stop, we went back in time to the Mississippian world, which must have been rich in symbolic imagery, stories of other-worlds, and so on—enough to make you shiver. Archaeologists and art historians call this critter the horned serpent, and also use uktena, which is/is from a Cherokee word.

Edmund Pettus brige view NNW

Next stop was in Selma, the Edmund Pettus Bridge. We didn’t walk across, only part way; however, we drove across three times We also looped by the Brown Chapel AME Church, which is where the SCLC met, and where the three marches in 1965 that headed from Selma to Montgomery began.

Talented vortex

MidS Scholastic 5some

These awards are given out around the nation. The country is divided into 100 geographic areas (with similar populations?). The Mid-South region included parts of three states. The art was in many forms…drawing, photography, fashion, sculpture, and so on. The six judges spent four days with something like three thousand pieces in three age-graded groups. These five from the “Junior” group are receiving the highest level awards, and their pieces go into the national competition. One is our friend, and a talented, smart, lovely gal. She got one medal for that painting?drawing? piece. She got two other medals for two other submissions. So, out of the Junior group, she took home three of those red-ribboned medals…. Major kudos!

Fisheye eye

And when I loaned her my phone and fish-eye lens, this is what she created….

Lafayette co courthouse

As part of our celebrations, we headed downtown for pizza. Turned out that the streets and restaurants were clogged with film-weekend folks. We ended up doing take-out and it was yummy. I listened for Faulkner’s footsteps and looked for his ghost. Nada.

Eyes open

Rest area curtain

Of course you travel to find out more about what you expect to see and learn about. I also travel for the surprises. Like this: a fancy curtain treatment in a…ready? rest area display area!!

In Mississippi.


Mini heart label

A day late…Happy Val’s Day….

Take no meaning from the “mini.”

Daffy early

And an early fleur, too.

Citizen rights Tuesday

Cops demonstrators

More cops today, still staying at the edge of things; two more were across the street. Bigger crowd than last week (yay!). We sent up well upwards of 300 valentines asking for a town hall. Word from the Senator’s office is that he believes we are paid to show up. Hah! As one sign indicated…I’m not paid to be here, and who pays you, Senator?…and you DO NOT show up….

2news cameras

Two camera-guys from news sources, too…11 on the left and 34 on the right. That’s the local NBC and Univision stations. This is good, too.

Daffy white yellow

And…flower power. [You had to know this was coming!] Week four….

Power couple

Orange filter

A GooFiber truck made enough noise in the street that we and neighbors checked out the…situation….

Don’t things often loop back to connectivity? To networks…. (Eh, I’m probably off on a tangent.)

Me, I got stuck in the life of Henry II of England and his sons. He had five…with Eleanor of Aquitaine. And, geeze, over time, those people squabbled and aligned and re-aligned, and…for today’s narrow purposes (that is, my narrow viewpoint), well, I only cared about that bunch within the context of Isabel de Clare and William Marshal—they were never overshadowed, in their time, as a power couple. Comparable is not possible today….

I may buy stock in megaphone manufacturing companies

Apple compost

The morning mundane…creating compost. Really, the important output was crumble/betty/strudel/a gift.

Our kids deserve better

Then, we attended a simple downtown protest…and learned via megaphone announcement that BDeVos got confirmed (took the Veep to make that happen). Bets on how long Bets lasts? [I don’t wanna preach! Hey, is that a LadyGaga line?]

Cop free pizza

Loved this.

The Powers-that-Be sent a seriously uniformed cop to stand watch over the sidewalk (first time it’s been more than building security) and make sure protestors didn’t encroach on the space that passers-by needed. The guy wasn’t terribly worried, I thought, as I watched him munch through his take-out lunch with his focus on the food and not on the crowd. [Left to right: building security guy (it’s okay to use the bathroom inside, but you have to leave your sign outside)—left; weight-lifter cop in full uniform (yes, I’ll have a piece of your free pizza, thanks!); and Pizza Guy (from across the street with a platter of hot BBQ chicken pizza freebies).] First customer was the cop…. Many of the protestors declined politely.

VNice of the pizza restaurant manager to trek over with the food donation…meanwhile many drivers honked (this is P-Tree street! Traffic reigns!) and it was a grand old time chanting (hey-hey…ho-ho…swamp_cabinet_has_got_to_go) and so on.

You go!

Interfaith demonstration

#nobannowall Multi-faith demonstration…I figured at least 700 people, maybe quite a few more. Nice that it was held on a blacktop parking lot on a sunny day—made it pleasantly toasty!

Play area in back

And in the back, the kiddie area….

You go girl

Does this count as a sign or graffiti?

Today’s cleverest hashtag: #tinyhandsevilplans

Of murder-holes and machicolations

Green bottle green

For a time, tall, blocky, stone tower-houses were the rage in Ireland. Perhaps 2K survive today, and thousands more are rubble or gone. Since they took considerable labor, they must have been valued.

I read an article about them today, describing murder-holes and machicolations, which are design details that were all about defense. The author also described a battering-ram test his squad(?) did, which took minutes to take down the door. His conclusion was that tower-houses looked far more defensive than they actually were.

I think they were about elevation—about keeping a lookout. And perhaps visual communication (flags? smoke?) among the many towers, as they were often built close enough to see one from another.

Voice mail full

Voice mail full

Since staffers monitor contacts with the office as a gauge of constituent concern, if phone and fax don’t get through, and emails are considered…less significant/important–and email takes months to arrive…how does a citizen grab the ear of an elected representative while he or she is off “doing the people’s business” in the nation’s capital? Especially on timely issues?


I swear this is random graffiti—no relation to our downtown visit….

Droney landing

We took High Guy (used to be Droney-Roney the Irish Device) out for some fresh air. The Guru flew him the highest ever, he said.