Detroit scissors

Orning fog field

This morning’s fog kept the sun from punching through until sometimes shortly after, maybe?, nine? Loved that it obscured the woods….

Detroit scissors chives

Foraged in the long grass for chives. I’ve been using them frequently…local farm-to-table produce, I guess….

Happy Fireworks Day

Monty Python on 4th

And Monty Python “shall taunting you a second time”…in Luce County….

Regular and irregular patterns

Brexit stepping stones

This probably sounds strange, but I looked at the brick pavers and the borders in this verge-walk and thought of the Brexit pre-voting polls, which suggest an even split among voters. We shall see what they do (46.5 million potential voters—we’ll also see what the turn-out numbers are). What I have heard from card-carrying economists suggests “IN” is the wiser choice. On the emotional front, however, it’s far more complicated. I had a similar reaction to the recent Scotland vote (economic vs emotional).

Off lawn parking

On a totally different note, I found this off-lawn parking “lot” on a street I don’t usually check out in my morning prowls. That’s some colorful plastic!

Astronomical notes

Morning moon

Yeah, we’ve just had the summer solstice, and when I was out early this morning I saw the moon in a murky sky…

Sunrise twilight

…and later, the sunrise twilight in a slightly cloudy sky.

By chance, I also read an article this afternoon about spiral symbolism among prehistoric southeastern North American peoples…related to sunrise/sunset, east/west, and other astronomical aspects.

I don’t usually think about the skies other than “that’s pretty” and “rain’s coming” superficial thoughts……although even with this circumstantial proving you likely won’t catch me learning constellations and so on.


Closed shop

I was separated from this display by the windows of the shop; it was closed and the flowers highlighted by a chandelier serving as a security light. Class.

Urban maize

Here the separator is the white picket fence…protecting a small stand of maize that has survived marauding raccoons, cats, rats, and opossums.

Garden pottery reflection

The separator here isn’t visible. The pot is about four feet above the sidewalk in a little garden patio-tableau with a table and chairs; the pot sports a good reflection of the overcast sky. So the subtle separator is the retaining wall for the patio.

Not in Cornwall

Chihuly is not garden

Bending reality…Chihuly is a glass artist…his pieces have an…organic presence, but not a REAL organic-ness, merely a lovely imitation thereof.

Tripping over my words (and ideas) here, but I trust you get my drift (photo from the other day).

Plz do not ask me to explain the title; I cannot; it’s a whim; I am not living in Poldark.

Garden delights

Garden tricycle

That is one fancy tricycle to be banished to the garden. The family has kids, and I wonder if this is strictly a garden-cycle, or if a child gave it up to be art.

Pale yellow lily CU

We got that tropical afternoon shower (again), which temporarily brought the temps down (thankfully, although today was not as hot as the previous days), and made this lily exceptionally wondrous.

Aesthetics v.27.2a

Orchids realplants ABG

I really am a member at the ATL BotGarden because of the plants, and the peacefulness I can find among them.

Goddess Chihuly ABG

I’m even entranced by the goddess, with her tresses of sweet potato vines and whatever.

Spiky fountain Chihuly ABG

We’re now in a Chihuly-fest, and, while I find his pieces pretty and eye-catching, I do not find them green, floral, and alive.

Garden seating

Yellow n brown bench

Pair-seating rocks. Here’s a bench, peeling a bit but classic.

Turquoise chair duo

Or consider these new plastic (recycled, I suspect) Adirondack chairs, flagrant in turquoise. Of course, the plastic material is also flagrant; the carpenters who made the originals may well be rolling in their graves.

Lighting (lesson) trio

Fire station no 19

Neighborhood landmark. [Good to be home.]

Blackbird mosaic

Blackbird art.

Pink hibiscus backlit

Hibiscus silhouetted against the sky, and backlit.