Of horses…


I found a horsetail hedge today. Actually, I’ve seen it before, but it didn’t occur to me that what I was seeing has an alliterative name.

Martin mounting block

Speaking of horses—and carriages—here’s a mounting block, I assume more recent than the days when it was needed, and thus for show. I would have expected the name to be on the street side…. Maybe the owner prefers to look out his (her?) front door and see his (her?) name out by the street, creating a feel-good (possessive?) moment?

On the street

Paradise motors

I found a mildewed low-end sedan with Michigan license plate and this sticker, and a Marines front plate. I thought: Paradise is too small for a dealership, but maybe it had a used-car lot? G__gling suggests the sticker refers to a downstate business. Ah, well.

Street volleyball

This visual could also inspire a short-story. Usually the curbside sports equipment are basketball nets; this is the first volleyball I remember seeing. Different ball-handling….

Longevity and the park (a new serial?)

Longevity NY noodles

Let me lead with the headline: we ate our longevity noodles just like you’re supposed to for Chinese New Year (I bet they don’t use the C word). The trick is that the noodles have to be long and you can’t bite them, hence the slurping stereotype. And long life.

Clear creek bridge view

Did get out; did find some sunshine.

Please stay off

Also discovered a sleeping duck on the newly landscaped lawn, contravening the friendly sign.

Keep count

Courthouse winter sun

Courthouse number one: great sunlight. Love the bands of colors—different materials, varied workmanship. So Florentine (or something).

Courthouse side

Courthouse number two: sunshine shown on best side. Such a modest building. Still, it has the square surrounding that all downtown traffic must travel around the building.

Zell sunset

At least until sunset. After…heh, werewolves (or wearwolves? fashion plates?).

Yard art, cement

Japanese lantern maybe

It wasn’t until I got home and looked at my photos that I realized that I could make a theme (two is a theme, right?) of cement yard art.

Yard pineapple

I think I prefer the pineapple, although I would have predicted I’d prefer the Japanese(?) lantern if they had been merely described to me. Is this how we learn about ourselves?

Studying fishing boats

Descending Chittenden

For a short while, as this afternoon, I can be spellbound by deep-ocean vessels…while my feet are on solid ground. Two fishing vessels preparing to descend in a single lock of the Ballard Locks, the busiest locks in the USofA. They’re part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal.

Line on bollard

Seaman watching to maintain proper tension on the hawser. (Or is it a line? Clearly, I’m not nautical.)

Nets fisherman

Here are the multicolored nets and floats and lines/hawsers on the leading boat. The two vessels seemed like sisters, but the deck of the other one was almost empty of nets. The windows and size of the deck and pilot house seemed identical, but the working area was set up differently, or appeared to be.

Regarding the title: sample of two.

Overcast, and still beauteous

Row bath

If you have sharp eyes, you can look through the muddle and see a small flock* of crows taking off from the creek where I was too slow to catch a shot of them bathing. I saw what seemed to me to be lots of crows during my mid-day outing. They were all busy, not standing, strutting, or contemplating the universe (loosely speaking), as the ones I saw yesterday were. Most seemed to be after food morsels today. The activity of this bunch was easy to identify—they were sluicing themselves in the creek.

White winter berry

As I tromped around upstream, “behind” the tracks in the first shot, I saw several bushes with these elegant and striking berries. Snowberries, I think.

Pick yer ride

Later on, I was back in the hood and away from the sound/sea/salty smell. This garage is displaying the occupant’s ride choices. If s/he opts for four wheels, s/he can go new or old. What a gleaming, bug-eyed vehicle!

* Yeah, I know the technical term is murder. Seems…strong…and negative….

Good bird count

Fish and ferry

Lovely day. The mountains were out in all their glory. At sea level, we found the Edmonds ferry leaving the dock from our viewpoint in the marina downtown. Love the fish art.

Cormorant alley

From another side of this lake we saw the Big Mountain, the R-one. In this cove we found an abandoned pier of pier-stubs, each with a resident cormorant. Elsewhere in this bay, we found a group of coots (what is the proper collective noun?), feeding I think (on cooties???haha), and at least two loons (love loons). Plus surf scoters and mallards.

Wandering and wondering

Sleeping shell baby

We got out in the sunshine part of the day, and wandered the passageways of Oakland Cemetery. We found the African-American and the Jewish sections, which I had never entered before. The potter’s field area is, I think, the lowest part, and after the recent rains, pretty damp (aka saturated).

I don’t know the symbolism of the shell. Or at least, I never heard that angels sleep in bivalve shells. I have read that scallop shells are fertility symbols and, in Christianity, represent St James and St Augustine. Those three, with angels, seems both powerful and a mixed message.

Finds afoot

Urban camp

The Guru headed out with me on a pedestrian wander, and suggested we cross The Big, Noisy Street that I usually don’t go near. On the other side, we came across this urban camp, although we got no closer than this. There are pants hanging from a low branch that are difficult to pick out. I couldn’t tell if the occupier was present.

New endings curls

Love public art. Sure don’t necessarily understand it. This is a small part of an installation called New Endings by Diane Solomon Kempler. It was first installed at the site of Atlanta’s first public water supply for the Olympics in 1996. Now it’s in an out-of-the-way cove miles from that spot.