All in a day

Stump road

Nice leetle joke of the tree-cutting crew to carefully place the stump right-side-up in the street. I didn’t quite do a double-take, but I did study it for a half-beat…. No, no stump/tree in the pavement. Just on.


I cannot anthropomorphize this into a conscious decision to bud as November comes to a close (in the northern hemisphere). It’s just an off-season accomplishment. Nothing more; nothing less. Avert your eyes; keep moving.


As the complex system change-over to the incoming presidential administration speeds up, I was thinking about infrastructure. Here’s some that isn’t changing in January, I’m pretty sure!


Hands on

We don’t much go in for parlor games around here, and the black-face penalty shown on “The Crown” has definitely not been in circulation here. FYI.

Look closely

Political diorama

Headed off in a direction I haven’t been visiting lately and found this miniature scenario. I especially like the mushrooms and the flower on top of the birdhouse.

“Most secure”


Camelot is gone. It is of course a myth, and the name represents exceptional times, in the best sense.

If we had some Camelot-like elements to our society enduring after JFK, they’re gone now. A high-ranking official at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency says we had the “most secure” election in US history. And yet…yet…yet….

Chair pair

Chair pair in red

These chairs are not Dem/Rep color coded, I’m certain, because the yard had signs for four Dem candidates. Is the emptiness an invitation to the Pres- and VP-elect to have a seat? haha [Don’t think so.]

Maintain the momentum

Autumn leaves

It’s well into November, folks, but it ain’t over.

Georgia voters: elect Ossoff and Warnock the first week of January in the run-offs, and turn the Senate Democratic to help Joe and Kamala enact legislation and policy For The American People.

Too close to call

Pink pink

This color is not a political statement; it’s just a pretty, pretty pink flower.

Joe specs

Found this sign today; new one on me.


Lake clara M

I decided to be quietly civic to ameliorate my “razor-thin” stress. I thought I would find it calming to walk around the park and the lake. Pretty day.

Banana plants

I saw this plant and thought I’d try to work in something about a Banana Republic, but I couldn’t come up with anything clever…well, anything. Plus, the other day I read about plants that look (to my eye) just like a banana plant, but produce no bananas. So…look: foliage.

Fingers crossed


Just watched the clock flip to 7:00pm. Polls are closed…some places…and people are still in line to vote…some places…and will vote. Other states, other time zones, other rules.

And the counting staff are busy. And serious. Thankfully.