To the north

Tahq swamp at Danaher

We crossed this long flat stretch, marred by puddles crossing the road, knowing that the dribbles and currents they carried were waters of the Tahquamenon that evaded the culverts. We drove north, and it almost looks like it’s swamp all the way to Lake Superior; however, if you look closely, you can see the ground does ridge to the north. The swamp will end after maybe a dozen more big puddles.

Eagles Nest

Eagle’s Nest has changed a little over the years—and almost not at all, simultaneously. The bridge and cabins, yes, they come and go and are modified. The river—this is the Tahquamenon again—looks very much the same as in my oldest memories of this place.

GM Pickle Barrel

On up in Grand Marais (perhaps a corruption of maré, meaning sea, and transformed into marais, meaning swamp—which there isn’t here on Lake Superior’s shore, at least not a huge one), we once again beheld the Pickle Barrel House (on the National Register, BTW). This was a two-story home with a kitchen in an extension behind, built for Chicago cartoonist William Donahey, who drew The Teenie Weenies. He and his wife used it for a decade at its original location on Sable Lake, then it was moved to town.

GM food truck

Of all things to find in Grand Marais, a food truck! With “burgers” and “taco’s,” I kid you not.

Swan not singing

Turning homeward, we looped through the wildlife drive at the Refuge, and found this swan sleeping on one foot. We saw many swans feeding, often with a few ducks? (grebes? coots?) futzing around them. The latter didn’t seem to also be feeding, and we couldn’t figure out what the advantage was of hanging with the swans, close enough to sometimes annoy them.

Of dust bunnies and ear trumpets

Chihuly overhead

Somehow these delicate funnels evoke ear trumpets to me. Not that I’ve seen many ear trumpets.

“Dust bunnies” refers to the cleaning sprint we did. Where does the bunny-material come from? The AC filter? I’m mystified.

Corner of BCR and BACR


We took a wilderness wander today, a long loop on our way to Little A-town. We took Big Creek Road for quite a distance, and at this corner could go either way, and we stayed with BCR (in order to go through Aska, which turned out to be a few remaining buildings and fields, no commercial structures and no town center). Note that Big Creek didn’t really flow through a Big Valley, and that there was indeed a Little Creek near the far end of our route.

Tent caterpillar tents

We saw lots of outsized caterpillar tents like this in the mountains, and the grass was darned green for this time of year. I don’t know if the two reflect the same summer weather trends. Still—GIANT caterpillar tents.

Friday karma

Buddha in bowl

What could be a better surprise find than a Buddha in a bowl?

Driveway survivor

Perhaps a blooming driveway survivor?

Small world

Small world ATL map ball

We examined some outdoor public art today…it’s a large, segmented, 3D globe-map of Atlanta, very interesting.

Historic ATL map ball

I particularly liked this center-of-the-world, Atlanta-style, at the confluence of the Chattahoochee and Peachtree Creek.

I was lazy

Times two food

We ate dinner by-the-numbers tonight, as it turned out. Both were excellent numbers!

In the heat of August

Utility shot

Here’s today’s utility shot. (😎Apologies; I couldn’t help myself.)

Pampas grass heads

Then, is this a utility plant photo? Doesn’t seem like it to me; I do like the feathery pampas grass-heads….

Monet and Wanka

Monet crackers

We went exploring today in our favorite mega-mart, the veggie and foodstuff place and not the Chinese-and-Asian-import kind. I liked the idea that these were “entertainer” crackers, but not enough to buy them.

Sauna hat

I tried to parse the label and came up with Sauna Hat. Anyone know differently? (Today was hat day on a friend’s blog, as it turns out, but a very different hat.)

Gated lawn

Gate fence shadow

I’m noticing that Mr Sun is spending more time on the away side, and darkness hangs around much longer into the morning hours. The inevitable winter is coming….

Not my story

Dead iPhone cartoon

A random stroll in a hip neighborhood…I came around a corner and this. A dot-blouse.