Train in lights

Outdoor report: lights are up and the aesthetics vary. I liked this one. Should I be concerned that the rocking horse has no chocks? [Duh—use your imagination, no?]

Creme brulee BC

Indoor report: we avoided the Fry-Night crush and went out tonight, a late morning spur-of-the-moment decision. Everything was tasty as usual at Babette’s Café (honoring the movie), and we were even served our entrées by Chef Marla herself! Basking in the glow of cocktail, wine, and crème brûlée, our go-to dessert. Yum!

Leaves and loaves

Longleaf and leaf

Despite it being rainy-rainy all day, I did get my daily thirty minutes in (current strategy). Enjoyed the juxtaposition of the straight, green needles (which are of course a kind of leaf) and the lumpy-shaped, brown leaf, with the emerging candles in the middle. Done.

Knead piece

This afternoon I went to a matinée play (rhymes!). The title: Knead…a personal history well told. The little stories were threaded together around Mom’s bread baking and unrecipe recipe…and the playwright/actress Mary Lynn Owen made bread as the stories unwound. And of course, afterward, we got a taste! Clever!

Buddha and Batman

Mini cement Buddha

Always enjoy this small, grinning Buddha; he really doesn’t mind the cold, it seems. Note that he was dry at photo-time; that’ll change.

Front plate Gotham

I refrained from capturing the steering-wheel cover, sporting repeated Bat-dude logos. Is the plate echoing the Joker’s laugh? So, what’s the message? That we should be worried? The Joker was the evil opposition to the Dude, no?


Crocus of Dec

Crocus. Blooming. IN DECEMBER (imagine a thundering announcer-voice). Climate change, folks? Huh? Huh?

Holiday at bank

Speaking of timely, in this age when Xmas decorations and advertising may appear weeks before Thanksgiving, I guess these soldiers are on point. Not sure how to interpret soldiers on a bank branch counter.

Stationary wildlife

Cement hare

Found this cement hare and vaguely remember seeing it in this yard before…perhaps in a different location? Vague is the operative word here.

Squirrel mutation

Personally, I’m convinced that Mosquito Joe’s chemicals turned a squirrel into this monster; however, my analysis may be off a tad.

Enough/more research: Two tales

Apple store logo

We finally had a break since the new “R” phones arrived to get to the store and fondle them. Gotta know how the phone feels in your hand before you invest. Did we invest? Nope; we both decided our current phones are “foine.”

Basswood leaves

I think of the big-leaved tree in our back yard as a basswood, and maybe it really is. Is there a particular weight/balance of the leaves such that they most often fall with the top side down?

Title creation exercise

Scooter drop

Bird droppings.

Mums of gold

Mums of gold.

What are your proposed titles? I give mine a solid B, collectively, mostly because of the first one.

Roses, hypotheses

Roses whte fence

Winter roses, so decorative. Or merely autumnal?

Vine ladder

There’s evidence of a project gone awry. That vine has been twining for months to get that high! Or was the ladder placed for the vine and not for a chore?

Wide Load Day?

Mountain rock cut

We were on the move again today, and finally got out of the weather system we were in, and into sunshine! Brilliant sunshine! And colorful leaves.

Oversizeload load

It wasn’t all sunshine, and this was during one of the cloudy stretches. We saw many semis, and what seemed to us to be lots of oversize/wide loads. This load was a bi-lobed molded swimming pool; this is the end view.

Was it actually Wide Load Day, and we thought it was only Election Day?

I’m proud of everyone who voted in today’s election! Truly.


GrandMarais harbor light

Way at the end of this breakwater(?) is a navigation light. [Squint. And use your imagination?]

White pine stumps

From what I have read these white pines were logged in the 1830s and 1840s—a darned long time ago. After the trees were cut and the logs removed, the remaining slash dried and burned, often with very hot fires leaving the already nutrient-poor sandy soils even more nutrient poor. Even today: rotting stumps and no forest.