Crepe myrtles bow

Rain last night loaded down the flexible branches of this crepe myrtle.

Mercedes reflections

The Mercedes wasn’t under low-hanging boughs, yet it did collect leaf-bits.

Am treasure truck

A Treasure Truck is good at attracting attention based on name alone. I hear you have to sign up for a steady diet of emails from AMMMMMazoNNNNN to find out what the deals are and where the truck will be. On balance, I’d prefer similar info on food trucks.

Scent hypothesis

Redbud backlit

Not far from the house I helloed with a fellow who was walking his dog. I don’t remember him or the dog, so perhaps we haven’t crossed paths before. He smelled strongly of patchouli and the dog was something like a black standard poodle. I kept going and turned the corner, and finally the patchouli scent faded.


Later, I walked in the street past a parked pickup, windows closed, as no sidewalks on that street; I couldn’t tell for sure, but wondered if it had been there all night. I caught the scent of pipe tobacco, or the sweet tobacco smell some of it has, as I passed the driver’s door. But only near the door.

Nonchemical weedkiller

My question: do smells linger longer in super-humid air?

If I had to do captions, I’d start with something along the lines of “backlit redbud leaves,” “rampant polebeans (auto-correct changed that to plebeians, harhar),” and non-chemical weed-killer (except it is made from petroleum chemicals, I recall).

Infrastructure ∆s

Utility work ahead

Left on my walk passing this, and went down the street to check out the “work.” Found two trucks, several workmen, and could not figure out what system they were working on…didn’t appear to be water, sewer, or electric, suggesting it was fibroids…ehem, that is fiber….

Apts going going

We’ve been watching these apartments, mostly inhabited by Latino families, wondering when they would disappear to be replaced by high-dollar structures…this is the only one that looks like it’s being disassembled (perhaps 16 units); however, the rest can’t be far behind. And neighborhood diversity declines….

Hedge gone

Here’s a one-house project. I don’t usually come by here, and don’t know if this house was recently sold, but it sure appears that someone does not want a dense hedge out front. BIG change!

Crepe myrtle white

Okay, today’s pretty is crepe myrtle. I could have had some Athenian gardenias, but you’ll have to imagine them.


Fence ivy

I set off on my walk, and soon was wondering what theme I’d come up with for my walk-pictures.

Fence azalea

I thought fence/ivy…and then I found fence/azalea…yay! I thought…then I realized even at two, they had become boring already.

Yellow door

And…I found yellow door…and, aha, new direction to the pattern.

Playground shadow

But, no other architectural details…only a shadow in the playground. Still not terribly rewarding.

Butterfly bush flower spike

So, finally, here’s a flower spike on, well, I know it as butterfly bush. Perhaps.

* Progression is not progress.

So proud

Tree in bag

Ho-hum part of the day: my walk. Found a tree in a bag, which the sign calls a hairnet. Dubious ethics; the idea is to preserve the fruit from the birds and other living things for donation to people.

Roadside sweet peas

Roadside sweet peas. Yay!

Jag logo

Our ride. From the manager’s selections; same rate as the Ford Focus we reserved. Hah!

Le pomp

Le pomp. In a hockey arena.

Le circumstance

Le circumstance. Hat toss to a John Williams composition for Star Wars; very appropriate. And…we have a new graduate in the family! Congrats to Sam Two-Name, beloved of all. He’s just to the right of the middle and you’ll never be able to pick him out. Does it help if I tell you he he’s wearing blue high-tops?

Apologies for the delayed post; just too darned much going on into the evening, plus the time difference. Yawn. Smile. Smile bigger.


Tigre pantera

While out for my walk, I made a new friend: hello, tigre-pantera! This one loved a head scratch and pet.

Cruise ship saturday

We saw a few cruise ships passing yesterday, perhaps three, and almost half-dozen today…bound for Alaska, we’re told, and regulars along this route on Fridays/Saturdays.

Umbrella deck view

We spent some time today prepping for the grad party, and finished our chores ahead of schedule…so opened a bottle of wine and sipped our way through some white pinot while enjoying the sun-warmed deck from the shade.

Icecream cake cut

Dessert, of course, was the high-point of the menu…a pair of surgeon-made and surgeon-dissected ice cream cakes…about one and a half consumed before everyone was too full to eat another bite…which means there’s half in the freezer awaiting tomorrow’s coffee hour. Yay!

Long summer for the HS graduate, as he moves into the dorm to begin college life in late September (surprise: quarter system!). I hear the job search will begin Tues…after the last after-graduation event.

Need one, buy three…make that twenty

Rhodo bumble

Today was one of those busy-busy prep days; the main event is dinner honoring the HS grad tomorrow, and the to-do list included a costco visit. I’m telling you, is that an experience. I think I’d only been in one once before, and it was to buy tires (insert tale you hypothesize here).

Rhodo really bumble

But you are probably more worldly than I and costco’s ho-hum to you.

Shifting weather

Hartsfield passage art

Deep underground in the public passageways at “the world’s busiest airport” (they repeat frequently), the decision-makers have installed durable artwork. This blue-and-green installation is accompanied by bird calls, and seems to evoke a forest and its dappled light. About half-way down, there’s a clearing in the “leaves” and I could hear ducks quacking, although the birds aloft (sorry, no photo) were clearly geese. Brazen, I’m saying, brazen artistic license.

Bay at Carkeek

We departed the Deep South in sprinkles, and the sunlight that greeted us in the PacNW became spitty rain two hours later…providing aesthetic cloud cover for this Puget Sound inlet. […with both north- and south-bound trains—coal and autoracks, respectively.

Wild maybe rose

Seems like a wild rose, but that’s a guess…your flower for the day.

And, with the time change…yawn…and, gee, it’s now quite sunny out!

I know/don’t know/know

Lily combos

I’ve been tweaking photos in Photos, and lately I’ve been thinking that the colors get boosted they didn’t using the same strategies I’ve always used. Pretty, yes, but a bit hyper-real.

Golden fleurs

Golden-yellow flowers; don’t know the name.

Dday yard

Someone’s ready for the D-day anniversary tomorrow…seventy-five years ago. I know where I was that day: nowhere.

Color me…¿observant?


Blue pH. Not the same as a PhD.

Clematis purple

Stunning purple clematis.

Lawn Roomba

I call this (lower right) a lawn roomba. It was active/scurrying; I don’t know about the mowing quality.

A century ago: women got the right to vote in good ol’ USA. Mostly white women, I’m pretty sure, and probably not everywhere initially, truth be told.