Softening the blow?

Azalea ant

Post-Michael we’re in a cool spell—truly cool, overnights in the low 50s. All of a sudden, the season-change is revealed. Yet, I see the azalea out front is giving the spring cycle one more belated go.

You shop; I’ll walk

HD water

The Hubby had some man-shopping to do at the HumDepoh, so I took advantage of their AC and wide aisles to get some rain-free steps in. Win-win!

For a few moments, I went through the garden center (outdoors! can’t do that at IKEA!), and in the back I looked up and saw a huge water tank, filled from rainfall piped down from the roof! Great corporate decision to use that precious liquid that otherwise would go directly in the sewers on the garden center plants. [Well, then some of it goes in the sewers, but not all.]

I suspect that tank is full. We’re getting good rain from outer bands of Michael, and have been off and on for a while. Fortunately for us, the worst weather will be south of us. Whew!

Yay for…

Fixit truck grande

I got down to the sidewalk and no farther as there was a work crew setting up on our street, and the fellow driving this truck was quite concerned that I understand they’d be interrupting life on our street for a while. Something about a gas line going through the sewer pipe. I couldn’t quite figure out how that could be changed by opening up one square of the sidewalk, but didn’t hang around to ask and hear the answer. Yay for infrastructure improvements.

Web art

On my mosey, I found these spider webs festooning this ground cover in an artful way. Yay for arachnid aesthetics.

Beware begonias

Later I found this holiday still life. Beware begonias? With spiders? Yay for creativity in outdoor decorations.

Gold dome

We went downtown to do a bit of business with the state, and waited at a stop-light with a great view of the capital’s gold dome. At the state office, we learned that a contractor had taken over their computer system so it was “down” and I could not transact my biz. I’ll try again Tuesday, as Monday is a holiday and they aren’t open on Saturdays. Yay for government work schedules.

Essence of UP

Barberry foliage raindrops

The story of today is right here. Rain. Drippy rain. Not so cold, just continuous moisture. Good for the late garden plants. But.

Seul choix lighthouse

So, we hopped in the Prime, and headed out to defray boredom. First stop: winding drive down to Seul Choix Point and its lighthouse on the north shore of Lake Michigan. The latter dates back to 1892, and is still used, but most navigators are using digital/satellite systems, making the light more confirmation than a sole guide.

Essence of UP

To me, this kind of view is Essence of UP. Maple trees bending to make a tunnel over a gravel road through the forest that I can toodle along, with a smile on my face. Special this day: drippiness.

Picnic rocks

We popped out on the Lake Superior shore near Marquette. These are two of the Picnic Rocks in the Marquette Harbor.

LSI ore dock

And this is the view southwest into the upper harbor from Presque Isle Park, a rugged point extending into Lake Superior. This is an immense ore dock. Rail cars are moved out onto the top of the dock, and their loads are dumped into spaces in the dock, then emptied into a ship (called a boat around here) in 20-ton lots. The name is “ore,” and I think of ore as the material that is rock-with-mineral as it is mined from MotherEarth. But, here the “ore” is taconite, pellets of 70% iron that has been separated (mostly) from the rock that contained it at or very near the mine.

Diary using photos

Cozy livingroom

Our cozy living room….

Log playhouse

An artsy shot of one side of the log playhouse…sized for kids.

Nights veggies

Veggies fresh from the neighbors’ garden, and headed for our dinner table: kale, tomatoes, maize. Yum.


Curated bushel tub

What would you call this? I thought tub, or metal bushel not-quite-basket. Two actually. The upper is what might be termed a heritage piece, as it is rusted through. Good for carrying corn husks or similar. Otherwise, it’s more of an informal colander.

Northing (day two)

Sunrise sky

We managed to capture sunrise today…on the move early!

Antenna tree

Midmorning, we rediscovered this stand-out antenna tree.

Three bridges

I read the weekly paper after we arrived, and discovered there’ll be a Three Bridges Walk/Run event in the next town this weekend. These are not the three bridges. And only one of all six is The Bridge. In the far distance here….

Basil thriving

All systems back on-line. Whew. Basil survived! Thanks to pinching and care from loved ones who were here. Thanks!

Wee travel narrative

Mountains mabel

“Look, mountains, Mabel.”

“And foggy wisps in the valleys, Stanley.”

Sunset sir

“Quite the sunset, Stanley.”

“Pretty clouds, too, Mabel. Wispy.”

Whitewalls chevy

“Old Chevy on that flatbed, Stanley.”

“I miss those wide whitewalls. I always wanted nice whitewalls, but they charged more. I never knew if it was because it cost more to make them or if they could simply get buyers to pay more.”

The End. No basis in reality; this is a work of fiction.


Believe in Bogart

For me, Bogart is one of those villages we go through to get farther down the road. I realize that the locals, at least to some extent, believe it’s the center of the world. Hence: Believe in Bogart. Do tell.

Sneak sunset view

Later, we caught sunset from a wee connecting sidewalk-lane-alley that I’m calling The Sneak as it apparently has no official name. We’ll see if it sticks.

Tactical fiber

Lawn fern

The Guru says he wants his next jacket to be a tactical-fiber fleece. [See the most recent “Elementary.” And respect spiders.]

Meanwhile, I found this fern in my…front yard-grass. Turns out it’s green weeds and a few blades of actual grass. Heh.