Essence of peaches

Wooden box at Fort Jackson yesterday.

I am not sure what was in the “Essence of Peaches” tins; was it peach puree? whole peach chunks? the equivalent of what we call peach nectar today?

I reenacted (without the scratchy wool clothing)

Drum at fort jackson

Recommend the show at Fort Jackson, next time you’re in Savannah. The sign of US80 says “Cannon Firings!!!” Pay attention to the three exclamation points…it’s our theory that that’s the major clue…. Our fellow in blue (reenactor) was FAN-tastic, and got all of us “volunteers” to march and otherwise participate. Sooooooo fun.

I’m chilling

Piranha profile

Mighty sharp…that is, the nephews, and also the piranha we saw in one tank at the GA_Aquarium. Which was totally packed by the way, so my dosimeter on humanity is through the roof, but beginning to drop since we left the peopled-zone around three this afternoon.

Pretty darned fun day all around, in spite of the intensity/magnitude of human-crush, augmented this day by rafts of cheerleaders…rah rah sis boom bah.

Angels in diamond plaid

Stained glass coffin

Attended a funeral today, and was reminded how similar Episcopal services are to those of their rejected parent, the Catholic church.

I still don’t get the cannibalism imagery—the body and blood stuff….

Game over (?)

Leaf de green confusion

“There’s a lot of hoo-rah,” I hear. Not that I understand the strategy-d’-football.

Not in my world. I have a a brand-new photo of a leaf that I think may be castor bean (and thus poisonous), and a #fitbit that won’t update (I’m taking it as temporary, but for now temporary is lasting more than an hour—hrrrumph). This may be just my personal narration….

Does it make sense that I’m flashing back on a view into Monte Carlo from an overlook (not from a movie), or is it really that I’m dodging anxiety generated by reading Pickett’s Charge by Charles McNair? [Enquiring minds want to know….]

Oh, geeze; I think I was off on a Elmore-Leonardian hallucination. Or something.


Drinking fountain CU

A localized drainage system (not as scenic as the snail spiral).

Out in the park to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine…I noticed many two-dog-walkers. Usually, solos predominate, but today I saw a lot of doggie duos—one was even a matched pair of sisters (or so they seemed…).

Alone in the city

Beltline in drizzle

Last weekend when we walked the BeltLine, there was a constant flow of pedestrians, and a few bicyclists. Today, almost no one.

BTW, flag flying in the rain? I thought that was a HUGE no-no.

[Pause to G00gle.] Ah, it’s okay if it’s an all-weather flag. Assuming this is that kind. I could hear it flapping; it was really snapping in the breeze.

Location (times three)

Water frozen TJ

Interesting, there in the freezer at TJs, at the end away from the Asian Indian food and near the turkey meatballs, I found bottles of frozen water—for seventeen big American cents.

And I remember only a few short weeks ago, paying as much as $4.30 in Euros for a bottle of cold water…Roman prices…. Maybe they were bigger than 500 ml, not sure….


Venetian blind shadows

Sunny day filtered through venetian blinds; not sure what caused that purple-blue tone….

Last night was gnocchi and tomato sauce. Tonight we had split pea soup. We’ve been enjoying entrées with no turkey and (almost) no meat—not to be wholesome so much as to experience a big change from our multi-day turkey menus…. Uh, what for tomorrow? The menu creation never ends….

In the neighborhood

Cop car whole foods

Guess even cops want to get the good stuff for their holiday feasting (see the WF sign back there?).

Also noticed: white masking-like tape was holding the plastic frame around the left front headlight….