Interstate views

Fog I 75

We coffee’d up and got going, finding this local fog-bank somewhere inland—it’s not a marine layer!

Spanish moss festooning

After several hours, we left the Spanish Moss State (or so it seemed)…

Peanut statue

…and entered the Peanut State.

Sandhills almost in V

Then, closer to home, we saw several almost-Vs of sandhill cranes (pretty sure about that ID).

Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Church in Sun

Rural small towns in the Deep South: you will find churches, but not usually this large and fancy.

Wall artifacts

You will also find evidence that there used to be more buildings.

Spn moss ness

Go far enough south, and you will see Spanish moss (not a moss at all) festooning the trees, often oaks.

Pine plantation

Monocropping trends towards trees and…

Cotton bolls

…cotton (decorative sample). Also pecans and sometimes peanuts (neither pictured).

Horse hoofprints

The soils tend to be sandy, sometimes nearly white. You may see horse hoofprints.

Small town Fri night

And you know you’re in a small town when the restaurant puts the game to keep the kids occupied out in the street.

* (Chinese) Happy New Year!

Faint voices

Clouds on midtown

Now that we’ve plowed through “Peaky Blinders” (did not expect to enjoy it so much), we tried “Britannia” (nope; too…trite?), and now we’re sampling “Victoria.” Several times we’ve seen the notation “faint voices” in the subtitles…so poetic.

Window view reflection

Vague, indistinct, pale. Synonyms of faint.

Also, foggy, cloudy?

Compose a story

Colorful companionable trio

To me, both of these photos could spur a great story. Several, yes? First, the companionable, colorful, unoccupied chair trio….

Roots struggling

And this one…. It’s hard to figure, no? At first glance, abstract shapes, but not regular. Turns out the grayish features are the surfacing, struggling roots of a good-sized tree trapped between a sidewalk and curb perhaps two feet apart—struggling to obtain water, nutrients, and whatever is “goodie” to a tree. Between the roots are moss and pockets of twigs and dried leaves…a forgotten, ignored mini-landscape.

Flower paradigm, two ways

Raided camellia bloom

This almost-bloom almost made it, then got frosted/frozen, then fell under the control of gravity…then….

Here’s the scenario in my imagination: some rodent (probably squirrel) raided the browned bloom, opening it rather like a pine cone.

Bloomin lampshade

This is an art-bloom. Not sure what kind of blossom…poppy?

Burning no boats

Spring emergent bulbishness

Gentle Reader, I’m guessing that if your eyeballs are here, you’re missing Up Helly Aa…yeah, the celebration in Lerwick* is I think the biggest, and it began today.

* Lerwick is in the Shetlands, over 100mi north of mainland Scotland.

Little lands of enchantment

Fairy garden

I went out in the late afternoon, thereby dodging rain-rain in favor of drippy-rain. With a ball-cap and raincoat hood on, I looked down more than I should have. And spotted a fairy-garden with a pond-and-bridge. Cute!

Picketed minigarden

Forging along, I found this mini-garden rather unexpectedly attached to the side of a free library. Perfect wee picket fence, ¿no?


BeltLine sculpture

We got exuberant today in the sunshine, and headed over to the BeltLine. Since we were there last, the powers-that-be have put a new set of public art along the right-of-way. I liked the asymmetry of this one.

Kroger apts

We headed farther than I expected to (over-exuberance?), to check out the Kroger apartment building across from Ponce City Market. Many crews working, with two cranes, one at each end of the complex, including this load of supplies being elevated to the upper level. I think there’ll be at least two more floors added to this end of the building. Note the old roof-top water tower on the old, neighboring building.

Barn free

Okay, I am cribbing the title phrase from the redesigned label of our favorite Georgia cheese….

Chore time

Renoir Girl with Watering Can CU

This is the watering can part of Renoir’s “A Girl with a Watering Can.” I have a soft spot for the painting, as I had a (crappy, not-very-high-res*) copy on my wall as a kid. I particularly liked the blue.

* The National Gallery website has an extremely high-res version of the painting available for download.

Tale of three fleurs

Mall lavendar

Well, three flower-like fleurs. Visual fleur essence.

First we have plastic mall flowers. A not-field of pseudo-lavender in an upscale mall…actually, former upscale mall…now a fine mall trying to maintain essence of upscale-osity. And a spread of fake lavender, I assume, is supposed to help.

Maybe if support staff sprayed the plastic with real scent? haha 🍀

Blue rose

Found this rose 🌹 on my knee. My blue rose leggings.

Today they went to an afternoon matinee at the upscale mall theaters. Seats are sold reserved now, you know…I didn’t.

Frozen brown camellia

Here’s a casualty of the latest snow-and-cold-snap. Poor camellia. The realest flower of the trio got snubbed by MaNachur.

Buck up; tomorrow’s on the way!