Stark stair

In early Covid, the Apple store moved to an exterior location in Lenox mall, not far north of our house. We visited there because the Guru’s new iPad (with a fabulous screen), began just rebooting without rebooting, with an Apple logo, then the waiting circle; repeat. Not good. Anyway, a Genius determined that the system software needed to be reinstalled, meaning that after we returned home the Guru started over with repopulating the device with his digital world. Fortunately, the machine seems to be fine…just some software stutter-glitch. [If I have it right.] Oh, the staircase? The sterile, angular, cold staircase? It’s in the interior of the two-story Apple store, invisible to people in the store. Mostly Apple customers leave the store and take the escalator in the hallway outside the store to change levels. Since the rest of the store features clear glass, even along the balcony wall of the second story, this walled-off stairway is additionally strange. Must be a fire code requirement to have the staircase.


I try to be sanguine about political news, and keep my distance (as in: not get emotionally tied to outcomes)…but I have to confess I did not see Biden and DJT agreeing to having two debates.


The other day I recommended to the Guru that he read an article in the New Yorker, and I told him the title. A bit later he asked if I was sure it was in the New Yorker, as he couldn’t find it. Surprising…he’s a guy who knows how to find stuff on the web.

After the dust settled, I found the article by searching the author, and it turned out the title was totally different on the web. Howizzat?

Not in KY

Our neighbor grew up outside of Lexington and has a party every year guess when. I love the juleps and fresh mint the best. All I can tell about the horse race this year is that it was a photo-finish…if they haven’t replaced that technology and thus the phrase.

Our hostess is quite the gardener, and my plant ID app thinks this is a bellflower. It don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty sure it is not a bellflower.

Fresh sights

I went out early in the moist sunshine to see the morning humidity. I found it in the air…

…and on the vegetation.

Late morning, we went to the Swedish store of exports from Ukraine and Poland…and got the…point.

Back home, a peony was new-opened.

Concepts matter

There are leaves and leaflets. Do not confuse if you have botanical leanings.


Late Easter lily.

I write this as JCB texts with a friend who’s in Taiwan, and they’re trying to figure out what day it is. 🤣🤣🤣

Light upgrade

This afternoon a beam-let danced on a small area on the tablecloth, and made it seem like hoity-toity old-timey brocade. Sorta.

Burger art

Looks better than real, with those highlights and that reflection. [Are there eels in that water? At one time, in southern Britain, you paid your rent in eels…. Details here.]

Details, details

Most of the bulbs are finished blooming. Today I found several flourishing patches of alyssum. Mmmm.

Ah, however, the deep knowledge of the internet says this is commonly called sweet alyssum, if I have it right, but the taxonomists now put it in a related genus these days (Lobularia), so it, taxonomically, has a foot (root?) in two camps.