Learning curve

No swimming

Just remember: no swimming.

Dwarf pomegranate

And: don’t eat the dwarf pomegranates.

White architecture

Driveway chunked

Sometimes I walk along a street and in front of a building, and other than a few leaves, it looks as it has for the last month and year. Then, there’s a day and place like this, where the driveway has been chunked, with the concrete no doubt to be removed on the morrow. I don’t think that the driveway was in bad shape…although it is now.

White picket fence and

Elsewhere, this white picket fence is holding its own…loving the light and shadow.

Gaming a game?

Bocci sorta

We went for a traditional old-timey Sunday drive. Or are then not old-timey? Anyway, it was a bit overcast, yet we had a good time like it was a sunny day. Does that sound weird?

Definitely, it was weird that these bocce balls are of varying sizes. We didn’t have a rake or anything to groom the court. The balls were heavy, but still, the leaves and crap could deflect the trajectory. And the size variations make no sense unless it’s just what happens when bocce balls are donated to a public court.

The fallen

Ginko leaves

I have heard that all the ginkgo trees let go their leaves on the same day. This tree has released only some of its leaves. Somehow, the yellow isn’t quite what I remember.

France24 black band

Around here, we’ve been spending a lot of time with Frahnce van-cat (not its real name). Horrible situation.

On other matters (distractions?), I have been reading about the Lilliput Effect…the theory that after catastrophic extinctions, in general, the size of vertebrates declines. For millions of years. (If you’re so inclined, read more here (paywall).)

Santa photos already

Mall hall

Crappy rainy, cold weather…so we went to the mall…to walk (and culture-watch). And see the low-key, tentative decorations, as it turned out. Santa and the elvin photogs already were busy with young knee-perchers.

No service

Soldier in green

We ask our military folk to do difficult, repeated tours in distant, dangerous places. And now investigative journalists say the Army’s own records show tens of thousands have been given irresponsible mental health care, and well over 20K have been dismissed under conditions that deny them retirement and other benefits.

The figures show that since January 2009, the Army has “separated” 22,000 soldiers for “misconduct” after they came back from Iraq and Afghanistan and were diagnosed with mental health problems or TBI. As a result, many of the dismissed soldiers have not received crucial retirement and health care benefits that soldiers receive with an honorable discharge.

Read or listen to the full NPR story I heard here. Terrible. I was sick hearing this.

* This also refers to our phone service for much of the day.

Changeable day

Smokehouse was here

Rainy this morning, then overcast. I futzed around the house and then couldn’t stand it any longer, and went out to check out the property. Windy…I wore a raincoat, but no drops.

This spot in the foreground used to have a smokehouse, a wooden structure the size of a smallish shed, as I recall. I don’t remember it smelling smokey, so I don’t think it was used to smoke meat during that time. I’m not sure when it disappeared, but it was over a generation ago. I think if the leaves weren’t down, I’d be able to find at least one or two of stone corner-supports. In the spring, there are so many species of the earliest bloomers here.

Lake low view

I also got down to the lake. Small waves. Past the opposite shore, it looked like it was lighter far away, but maybe it really was overcast all over the world. After I was back at the cottage, though, out the window I saw SUNshine! Shadows! I almost went out again….

Then, a few minutes ago, I was on the back porch and heard a few drops of precip.

Adventure (paved roads)

Whitefish pt lighthouse

I am pleased at the orange-red reflection of the roof to the right.

Warmer night last night, and the sunshine predominated in the morning so we set off on a wee adventure. We went through Paradise (yes, it is possible), and on to the BIG Lake—fairly calm today on this shore. This is some of the support structure for the lighthouse at Whitefish Point.

Tahq upper falls

We backtracked (because the other options, both long loops, didn’t appeal) and stopped at the BIG falls. The roar of the water and the feel of the mist still stop me in my tracks (best at the viewing deck to the far right). You can see that the leaves are mostly on the trees and the color is fantastic, although the overcast had set in by the time I took this photo.

Back on track

Hell bank note burning

It wasn’t the way the Chinese would do it, or for the same reasons, but we burned a stack of hell bank notes for luck and health, carefully, one at a time. We forgot to do it last time we were all together…and the time before that when we got the notes. See, it was time.

Decorations, seasonal, continued

Halloween spider web

Puffy spider: thumbs down (out of a box). Web addition: thumbs up (“home”-made).

Halloween raggedy

Lemme think this Raggedy Halloween is homemade…or at least home-dressed.