Did you leap today? I did. A little leap, very safe.

Strange day

This afternoon the temp dropped something like 30°F during daylight…so unusual. A front and rain kicked off the descent. BTW, the temp is still dropping. Nevertheless, I’m guessing these daffies are still nodding (happily?) in the dark and cold.

Up and down

This is definitely the story of the day. I heard sandhills above, and I looked and there they were! Last week, I heard, but never spotted them. It was a bit of a let-down to not see them. Today was much better.

Also, here’re some earthbound beauties.

Do not autocorrect to antlers

Sometimes light is pure magic…I’m especially loving the detail of the shadows of the anthers.

Marseille memories

On this day in 2018, we landed in Paris in the early morning and boarded the fast train down to Marseille for a daylight run across central France. We got settled in our apartment, then headed out for a stroll, and caught the sunset near the docks for the ferries that go to Africa and other distant ports.

Hey, it was either this photo of another one of those modern Ferris wheels, or a window display of lovely “meringe” desserts, only €39.50. Thought I wouldn’t tempt you….

Exposure control…where?

Cherry blossom cloud…with too much sky-brilliance….

I’m story-less

I spotted this squirrel when he/she was in a much better pose, but by the time I got in photographer mode, this was the offering. You can tell it’s a squirrel, not much more.

No story here.

Instead, I’m offering a deciduous magnolia bloom. A version of the usual…. No story here, either.

Oak above

Man in tree! Man in tree!

This is the huge oak in the neighbors’ yard that looms over a half-dozen houses, including ours. A small crew took down a few scraggly limbs, chipped them (brrrrrrrBRRRRRR), cleaned up, and took off.

The oak still looms, and I will still fuss when it’s windy.

Conditional winter

Frost can be so pretty, if you’re warm and the sun is out. If if if.

Trust issues

I know we’re in the second half of February, yet the daily high temps lately have been higher than average. I heard that the sun would be present in the morning, then cloud-cover would rule, so I walked early to make more Vitamin D. Then, it clouded over, but only for a short while, and most of the afternoon was sunny. Lesson: don’t believe every detail of the weather predictions.