Oot, aboot

On a typical day in this household, we lack scheduled activities (say: retirees). Today, we acted! We early voted, no small thing because there was a long slate of offices needing consideration, although many were unopposed, incumbent judges 🙁.

The second activity was I went to an outdoor meeting of BookClub. The evening sky was fabulous from the poolhouse (autocorrected temporarily to poorhouse 🤣). We talked about “The Women” by Kristin Hannah, a novel about American women nurses in Vietnam in the late 60s. We had a retired nurse from slightly earlier among us, and so a fascinating discussion. She was more in and near Saigon than Hannah’s nurses, so the nursing was slightly different, but still: war. Excellent read.

The green

It’s a leaf, sure, but if you squint, it almost looks like corrugated velvet.

Even before coffee

When the morning sky looks this captivating, ya just gotta smile.


Get it?

Two ways. The brand is parmigiano reggiano. And the cheese rind is branded parmigiano reggiano.


Tore weeds out by their roots today. Left this specimen to shine for another day or two, however.

Regarding the title, apologies to Joy Reid.

In the moment

I’ve shown blooms from this rhodo on several previous years. Same genus as azaleas…the resemblance is strong.

Construction in the neighborhood…stop stop.

Living (hothouse) color

This morning before the sun came up, the moon had a faint rosy tinge.


I forgot to mention yesterday that the night before I dreamed that I was visiting with a crew excavating an archaeological site, and we were sitting around the crew house and Jay-Z was discoursing knowledgeably about the site.

A late Easter poinsetta?

Peony progression

The peony-blooming process strikes me as accelerated this year. I also don’t remember the petals loosing so much color, but that may simply be my inattention to (retaining) detail.

Spring slump?

Usually my activities are light on Sunday. Today I lazed, and did very little.