Stick blender!


I made (with JCB’s urging) an impulse purchase the other day, replacing my dead immersion blender with a new one, courtesy of I got the cheap, discounted version, and it arrived today.

Now I can make Dracula Chicken again!

BTW, just what is “effortless cleanup”? Even the easiest cleanup takes some effort, right?

This old old…


Finally the Brits get their collective archaeological act together and investigate the greater Stonehenge area, and wah-lah (as they say down on the GA coast), there’s interesting evidence of feasting and domesticity—don’t skip the fun 32 second animation! For a time, many of my colleagues were smitten with the idea of empty (non-residential) civic-ceremonial centers, and it’s good to know how occupied the Stonehenge area was—and that partying was a big deal. Not a big surprise there, these were the ancestors of some hard-drinking modern types….

I’d have to see more data than the Smithsonian is reporting here (note that the investigations were funded from this side of the Atlantic!) to understand the whole river use angle, but ideology is where it’s at—and the most impossible piece of cultural reality from an archaeological period.

Train town

Believe it or not, this is in intown Atlanta. The train. The rustic setting. And I’m sure lots adjacent to the tracks don’t get much of a tax break, either.

And, remember, ATL’s name used to be Terminus.

Crabcake trio

Forgot to mention I had lunch on Friday with the incomparable TH at—her suggestion—Food 101, just up the street. The chef himself actually served our shrimp-and-crabcake specials, blew me away! And, YUM.

Yellow pansies

Even with the cold, the pansies keep blooming.

Winter weather?

Turning cold! Can’t seem to get warm, and it’s not just hormones.

Or something!



Found this periwinkle on our stroll over to our nearby library branch. And also a friendly tortoiseshell kitty.

Bounty in the NYTimes: this article on author Jim Harrison, who grew up in Michigan and used to hang out in the Grand Marais area. His writing is luminous and I find it difficult to forget his characters’ sometimes wrenching circumstances.

Is it any coincidence that our downstairs thermostat should go whacky this evening, just when the meteorologists are predicting low temps tonight that will rival our lowest so far this winter? Poor JCB is off at the hahd-wahr stoh getting a replacement, handyman that he is.

Today’s vocabulary:


resulting from external rather than genetic influences

Food choice

We Americans, many of us, are lucky to have access to a huge bounty, daily, in supermarkets, convenience stores, and even stores like Target, a plethora of foods.

Some of us grab for what looks good (meaning we liked it the last ninety-nine times we ate it), and some of us are rather picky. That pickiness varies, however.

I’m picky based on 1) ingredients; and, 2) flavor.

I eat less meat that most of my contemporaries (but not all), and more than most of the human inhabitants of this globe. Offered above: vegetarian lasagne—whole-wheat pasta, long-simmering sauce from scratch, three kinds of cheese (should have been four), pesto added on top because I forgot to layer in the basil leaves.

See, one of a kind. Again, JCB would say.

…and you thought I’d never finish this entry without mentioning Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Ooops.


This blog is brought to you through the efforts of several individuals and collectivities. The unsung heroes of of this web page are JCB, the guru, and WordPress, the software. Both do the heavy lifting that behind the scenes that, well, keeps me “on the air”….

Today the guru updated the software, and the interface is improved…. What can I say? The rest is up to me….

BTW, gentle readers, anyone familiar with the term “Gosus”?

Negative ad #1

If only it were just a toggle switch….

The election season is upon us. I saw my first negative ad today (watch it here). From, I’m sorry to say. It dissed John McCain, and smeared George Bush in the process, saying sending in more troops is McCain’s idea, thus making Bush McCain’s puppet.

Without a doubt, he’s somebody’s puppet!