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TwoShoes report

Fern frond tip

From the other day….

I’ve been working my new exercises, which focus on front of foot and ankle strength—and walking…that was an assignment, too. Today I didn’t walk outside other than errands, no “walk,” but I was on my feet a bunch, almost every hour. That’s a change for me. Slow increments of improvement….


Ginger bloom cluster

Yeah, I’ve been choosing a bunch of ginger photos lately, but they smell captivating and look pretty interesting….

PT guy ramped it up today and convinced me to shift from Boot to shoe. Last week, it was shoe inside and Boot outside. Shoe wasn’t terribly comfortable, so I didn’t do it much.

What a difference a week can make! Foot/leg stronger, gait better, and foot slightly more tolerant of being encased in shoe (Boot is looser on toes/foot), so I left PT WEARING TWO SHOES, and walking reasonably steadily.

My new normal?

We stopped for a grocery errand, and I tolerated about 15 minutes in the store, before heading for the car to put my foot up, letting The Guru check out. Then I did some cooking…planning to celebrate tonight with first glass of wine since IT happened in mid-July, and a big pot of ragù bolognese…oh yum!…scenting the house…I am salivating!

More evidence of a quantum…leap?😀…toward normal?

Evidence of gravity working

Owl drops

I’ve been noticing these marks the last few days, and the owl observed on Sunday and heard periodically in the lantern hours (pretty sure it’s the same one) flew to right above here…so…owl evidence.

The other evidence is that these leaves are all tulip poplar leaves, so we can surmise that it’s their time to fall.

If that’s not enough, I did a long walk (for me) and a shortish walk, and also perambulated down the street to Book Club (and back)…and the (generous) fitness device is reporting 6K steps. Victory! [Ankle tired, however—not surprisingly. I took all outdoor walks with the walking poles.]

Boot-scooting with style

Veggie vines

We got out for a walk! So encouraging to admit that! As a result, here’s the obligatory vegetation image.

Steppin out

And here’s my current “stepping out” configuration. I use walking poles to keep good form during my gait (as suggested by Genius Carolyn). And good form is of paramount importance in my best recovery.

Trio for Sunday

Gravity vines

We went for a wee walk this morning, and I thought maybe I’d capture a vegetation picture for this space…

Fleur pair

…or maybe autumn fleurs.

Barred owl

Then, in the afternoon, the sharp-eyed Guru noticed a big bird swoop into the back yard…and got out the big lens…and gave me this super barred owl shot that I am passing along. Crappy light, yet lovely feather patterns, ¿no?

Flavored meringue: yummy, but…

Family dog sign

We went to the bakery/deli next door to this sign and the bar it advertises looking for an apple pie. Think it’s a good name for a bar…with the tag line.

Meringue apple pie

They were out of the standard version, so we got this one, with meringue flavored with caramel and sea salt. Interesting, we agreed after tasting it. Interesting, as in not likely to get it again…too much flavor, perhaps, competing with the appleness, although the flavored meringue was tasty, really. See? Not truly unhappy, just…well, the typical upper crust, lattice, or streusel would have been superior.

Fine-grained eye-poppers

Juniper against sky

One of my PT assignments this week is to walk, not terribly far, but many short excursions. I did little walks inside the house, and the Guru and I also walked around the block…and a bit more…on a lovely, sunny, autumn afternoon.

Flower bumble

The Guru says I always/often find the insects on the flowers. I think this time of the year they are busy and liable to stay on the flowers because their time is short. Can’t really say “making hay,” but along those lines.

I struggle with headlines…there’s a core of a good idea to this one, but, truly, it comes off not-quite-right.

Leaf color variation

Leaf color orangey

Some kind of oak…and a frond of mimosa.

Last week when we walked in the park I noticed the path had mostly downed sycamore leaves. Or did I notice them because they’re large?

Tomorrow might well be a good day to obtain new data.

Turtle moves

Turtle day turtles

Turtle day. Which means I saw the surgeon. Fifteen weeks since surgery.

Major new activity permission. I am now allowed to wean from crutches and boot. Yay! And I don’t see the surgeon again for three months. Yay! I can walk, but no running and no weight-stress on foot (e.g., “those kinds” of sports). And these are the rules until I see the surgeon again.

Autumn mater

I’m pretty ready to put down the crutches, for the most part. So I did as we went off and did errands after the double appointments of surgeon and PT. Shopping stop one and two. And into the house. To rest the affected limb, before….

As the day wore on, we did one more errand run—I wore the boot and leaned on the Guru a bit in the parking lot…. Now, tired, tired foot. But I’m happy to teach ankle, knee, and other parts the old tricks they used to excell at.

Foot…tired. And Sammy happy! And using crutches this evening to help tired foot/body get around….

Hey, that tomato…the sum total of the produce that remains in the wee garden…that’s really a few plants.

Posing posies

Yard flowers

I read that these flowers voted today. I’m pretty sure that was spread by Russian bots.

Are Russian bots related to bot-flies? Bot-flies are darned icky critters.