Autumnal gravity art

Bar dog bowl

I made two short(er) walks today, not even trying to get one app to award active minutes or the other to credit me for walking. [Neither have settings for gimps slow-walkers.] This morning’s adventure was in sunshine, so I get vitamin D credit!, regardless of the apps.

Ginkgo gravity art

Soon after I began my afternoon adventure, the cloud-cover thickened just a tad…after I took this photo. The leaves are in the swale of the Prime’s rear window.

Ginkgo check

Camellia CU pollen

By the time we got out to walk, the morning fog had lifted, the sun shone, and it was afternoon. I had PT during morning-fog time, and realized that despite the knee THANG, I am doing SO MUCH better than two weeks ago when I last had PT. Yay!

Gingko n web

We checked out several ginkgos in our neighborhood on our little sunshine wander. Despite a solid scattering of leaves, most remain solidly attached to their trees. Maybe tomorrow for the drop?

Stay tuned.

Sunny and outdoors

Walking sticks

Feeling rather recovered in the foot and knee departments, and loving the sunshine (out the window except when I took trash and recycling deposits out), we drove over to PiedPk to give my walking sticks an airing. Us, too, of course.

Lk ClaraMeer reflections

We found stunning reflections in the lake, some muscovites, and even the hunting heron. The Guru got a shot, but I was concentrating on forward motion and didn’t stop to document her/his elegant pose.

PiedPk rental bikes

I looked at these babies, and thought, boy, maybe sometime this winter my foot will be ready to ride a bike!

No longer fully green

Oak leaf dotted

Here’s a variant of how leaves change from summer green to autumn…whatever. Polka dots!

My paresthesia

Venetian light carpet

My constant companion these days is medically named paresthesia. It is the sensation mostly on the top of my foot and toes—they feel like they are “asleep.” With a vengeance. Sometimes I call it Pares, and think Paris, as a distraction.

The photo is to symbolize (lamely—haha) the light at the end of the tunnel. Or, “this, too, shall pass.” Something along those lines.

Liriodendron cascade

Liriodendron leaves

I was sitting comfortably inside, elevating the foot, and saw movement out of the corner of my eye.

Falling leaves. Out the window.

Traveling…through time

Sturgeon inset

I avoided stepping on this sturgeon, instead admiring it by stealing its soul (or perhaps that had already happened).

Movie choices

Westbound we watched “Wonder Woman;” this way we chose “Big Sick.” Serious contrasts there…. Enjoyed both.

Burwell area nebraska

Sometime after the movie finished, we crossed the Nebraska Sandhills pretty close to Burwell, where I lived for most of a working summer. The site we excavated dated to about 1400 and had never been plowed. So, just pasture and no center-pivot irrigation….

Food holiday = luv

Table n candles

Lotta thanks given by people gathering at table on this holiday…here and elsewhere

Dinner rolls

Our menu included nephew#2’s first dinner rolls. Only three left after eleven chowed down.

Pie duo

The highlight: dessert, of course. Apple pie we made, and pumpkin from a renowned neighborhood bakery. Both excellent. And that metal cylinder: whipped cream power shooter.

Lovely time, beautiful day (especially after the rain quit), yummy everything, great company. 🥂💖🍷

Good omen day

Sound view

All day the light came and went, and the rain came and went. Here’s a brighter moment, although there really was some rain when I took this shot.

Mall rainbow

In the afternoon, we had a mall run to get a new laptop for us so we can hand-me-down the one we arrived here with. Yeah, it’s not new, but nephew #2 is thrilled to have his OWN LAPTOP! He also got a lesson in bezier curves and lathe rendering (if I remember the terminology correctly) from The Guru.

Apple store

As we drove around the parking lot, thick with vehicles, trying to get to the parking garage, we saw this brilliant rainbow. Then, in the Apple store, we discovered it was (informally) take-your-dog-to-the-Apple-store day. I think I saw six dogs in the store. I daresay none were service doggies. Does it make a difference that this is a mall, but not an enclosed mall, instead one that has shop doors opening to the out-of-doors?

SEA traffic: wicked bad

Patio w hose

But this was early, when the clouds muffled reality and I was inside with my cuppa (except to take a few photos), all quiet and remote. Others did the traffic thing while I was lethargic and inertial.

Cloud view

I did get out mid-day, and again later, but when I took these photos, I was in a morning cloud, the real weather kind.