Adventures continue

Frosted leaf

Not frosty cold, but we had frost, one of those temperature magic things. This leaf was in a meadow in deep shade at 10:30am. Whew. Still: pretty out.

Trail maintenance

Here’s trail maintenance by park visitors.

Dicks order window

First stop and, for us, the first time: Dick’s for burgers. Mmm. This local chain dates back to the 50s and you order just what’s on the menu, no extra lettuce or animal style.

Computer museum

Then, off to a computer museum that specializes in artifacts, that is old machines that are kept operational.

Chocolate cake storage

The Guru calls this 200 MEGAbyte storage unit a chocolate cake. Cost, hmm was it? thousands? Hideously expensive.

Water day, no clouds

Cormorants posted

One cormorant per post. I think the species swimming about the posts, not visible in this shot, were loons.

Crocus group

Purpliest purple crocuses. Croci?

Mountains afar

No clouds = mountains afar! Thanks Droney. [And a seaplane if your eyes are sharp, over the water to the right.]


Different body of water. Different mountains.

Drone view

Tide’s out, perhaps coming in. The four-car commuter train passed by after Droney returned to the ground. That’s the way it goes.

Beach walking

Walking that same beach, at Carkeek Park.


Catkins maybe


Roots woods

Roots. Moss. Needles. Duff.

Blue sky

Blue, blue sky. Some puffy clouds.

Bloomin duo

Another primary color. Additive? Subtractive? TMI regarding color wheels?

Museum dos

Museum cone

Unexpected rather non-standard architecture can mean expensive corporate headquarters (Apple “spaceship”) or or or, in this case: a museum. Down in Tacoma, this one.

Glassblower action

A glass museum, and under this cone is a large glassblower workshop. We watched three guys create a wine decanter. This fellow did the most advanced stuff, or most complicated work, the body and the fused whole. Two other guys did important pieces, the neck and the handle, created separately. Fascinating.

Davinci reimagined

Of course, the museum had many gorgeous pieces in the galleries, and fun offerings in the gift shop. This is one of the most compelling, with a mirror behind it, just stunning. So complex.

Sunset point defiance

After, we drove north, making the five mile loop (on Five Mile Road) through Point Defiance Park. Highly recommended, especially near sunset. Much like if you go to Marquette, you should also visit Presque Isle Park.

Åh, so

Unk floral

Bigger than a golf ball, smaller than a tennis ball, was this globe of flowers. I don’t recognize it and will watch it over the next few days to see if it turns into something I do recognize.

Nordic bird

Nordic bird. Glass I think. Certainly soaring.

Nordic boat

Nordic boat. Couldn’t help but think about roiling waters and nasty winds. Brrrrr and perhaps upset stomach, methinks.

Both are Nordic because we saw them in the Nordic museum. Enlightening. Very well done, I thought. The last “ethnic” museum I remember visiting was…something about the combined ancestry of the peoples of the Hill Country in Texas today. Wide-open ethnicities and origin places, not just Finland, Greenland, Iceland, and others with Modern Country names you’d expect. And smaller places like the Åland Islands, an archipelago I had to mention because of the “Å.*” Baltic Sea not Atlantic.

Consignment foos

After the museum we stopped in a consignment gear shop with entertainment…climbing and skiing mostly, but also ice climbing. Nothing in the water or with skates that I noticed. After we left, BroMine noted they had two seasons, so I guess I was seeing the winter stuff; summer gear selections may well include snorkeling and scuba diving. Saw a foldable, extremely light food service set for campers and hikers that seemed interesting and more complicated than I expected…rather like origami.

* For the curious and less-informed, that topknot element on the Å is called an overring (note to autocorrect: do not change to overhang). In the past the sound(s) it represents were denoted with a double a (aa) or an acute accented a, á. End of lesson.



On the move….

Hum bao

Hum-bao*. Best of the west.

Faded rose

Faded rose. Still gorgeous. Still smells rosy.

* Bao is Chinese for stuffed bun, usually steamed. Mmmmmm.

Unexpected combos

Onions n southern grass

Grass onions. Dunno the real name. Onions, maybe? Dramatic pairing with the winter-browned lawn.

Rock n

Rock in tree branch scar. Non-native stone commonly used for landscaping.

Beer coaster

Okay, we went out for dinner at the oyster bar around the corner. Yum. Poor coaster-bird has real reproductive problems—nestling (egg?) is can, food is ball.

Outdoor art

Little5 alley

My dear spouse dropped me off while errand-running. Art in Little Five Points’ back alley.

Art circle

Art on the access between the BeltLine and the Carter Center. Looks Bronze Age to me! 😀

BeltLine oak leaf

BeltLine leaf. Art. Oak leaf, I do believe. In stainless steel?

Culvert cat

Life along the BeltLine. A cat lived in this culvert years ago, but then I think it was empty for at least a cat generation, and now! Look! Sun-kitty!

Shadow me

And me! Thrilled that the sun emerged!

Beyond humid

Droplet leaves

This week’s version of the rainy season is more rainy than season.

Daffy downward

I was back home re-hydrating when I saw a glow outside that soon became full blown sunshine. It didn’t last, but I missed my chance at high-quality vitamin D today.

Cherry plum

I was lucky that I found flowers, however. Yay!

Street story

Landscape cleanup pile

I was checking the neighborhood, having abandoned all hope of Vitamin D, at least in any quantity, looking for news of the weekend. Found this pile, perhaps the result of homeowner activity…or hired help. Hmm, I thought, recalling all the features of this edge of his lot, bordered by an alley.

Landscape pile other side

I circled to the sidewalk side and, yup, indeed there was the silver fireplug I remembered, rather disguised, although not covered, by the vegetation pile.

On the other hand, that building to the right, behind the blue and green garbage “cans,” is a firehouse, so help is VERY CLOSE, should it be needed, and probably well aware of that hydrant.