And it became breezy and cool

Pier view sunset

Here’s a sign I noticed at a feed store we passed by: POND NEEDS. I’ve seen weedy ponds, but never been aware of a needy pond….

This, however, is a sunset view from a pier in a Great Lake! So excited to be able to say, brrr, I’m getting cold; I’m heading in.

The pulse of this land

Rest stop rhodo

I flapped my mouth about the season for rhododendron blooms, and, it turns, out, I was a bit off. We did find some rhodos abloom…at a rest area.

Removed landslide

Here’s where a recent landslide-that-became-a-road-block has been removed. The cement barriers along the pavement remain…maybe the job’s not quite finished.

Sun buffet

We caught the Sun Buffet in the process of becoming the Dusk Buffet….

Book club not tango

Tower cat

Silent book club attendee had no comment on the book, or suggestion for the next title. No comment on Brexit or politics in general.

Bookclub tart

Also did not partake of the yummy fruit tart.

Marking time

Orchard dusk dandies

Where were you a month ago?

I was elated at arriving Up North. The orchard-grass had no seed-heads and the dandelions had already reached the pouf stage, while the apple trees were finishing their blooming.

British period pieces (and not)

Spider cockroach

Our household’s alternate housekeeper: a big spider. AKA…sad confession.

We’re caught up on “Outlander…” And we just plunged into “Dancing on the Edge;” can’t tell where the storyline is headed but lovely writing and acting.


Episcopal right-angles

Flashing church tower

It’s about the flashing.

Photo is from the other day because it’s record-breaking hot here and I have a case of the summer-crud. No temperature, so I’m only slow and cough-sniffly. Only, haha.

Friday mumble

Coneflower bumblebee

Commuter today means someone who commutes usually toward downtown from less-downtown, regularly, for economic reasons, usually employment. That is a slight change from its original meaning, which referred to someone who went back and forth (that part’s the same), and so bought a pass—multiple tickets for a reduced price. The commuting referred to a reduction in the per-ride price from buying multiple tickets up front—the combined payment was the “mut” part….

This may not make any sense. Commune with the bumblebee and it may become clear.

Regular and irregular patterns

Brexit stepping stones

This probably sounds strange, but I looked at the brick pavers and the borders in this verge-walk and thought of the Brexit pre-voting polls, which suggest an even split among voters. We shall see what they do (46.5 million potential voters—we’ll also see what the turn-out numbers are). What I have heard from card-carrying economists suggests “IN” is the wiser choice. On the emotional front, however, it’s far more complicated. I had a similar reaction to the recent Scotland vote (economic vs emotional).

Off lawn parking

On a totally different note, I found this off-lawn parking “lot” on a street I don’t usually check out in my morning prowls. That’s some colorful plastic!

Astronomical notes

Morning moon

Yeah, we’ve just had the summer solstice, and when I was out early this morning I saw the moon in a murky sky…

Sunrise twilight

…and later, the sunrise twilight in a slightly cloudy sky.

By chance, I also read an article this afternoon about spiral symbolism among prehistoric southeastern North American peoples…related to sunrise/sunset, east/west, and other astronomical aspects.

I don’t usually think about the skies other than “that’s pretty” and “rain’s coming” superficial thoughts……although even with this circumstantial proving you likely won’t catch me learning constellations and so on.


Closed shop

I was separated from this display by the windows of the shop; it was closed and the flowers highlighted by a chandelier serving as a security light. Class.

Urban maize

Here the separator is the white picket fence…protecting a small stand of maize that has survived marauding raccoons, cats, rats, and opossums.

Garden pottery reflection

The separator here isn’t visible. The pot is about four feet above the sidewalk in a little garden patio-tableau with a table and chairs; the pot sports a good reflection of the overcast sky. So the subtle separator is the retaining wall for the patio.