Victory motion/emotion

Icepack snuggle

So, this morning the Guru helped me open the boot and balance a wee ice pack over the incision (shown here)…ahhhhhh, much better.

Then I got brave and we removed the whole boot. Freedom! Very careful freedom! Air flow!

It’s a new darned world of healing!

A miracle! I can move my foot ever so slightly, toes forward and back, pivoting in the ankle, using my emaciated calf muscle just a tad! I am so happy and excited!

You remember, my world is pretty darned narrow at the moment….

New horizons

New boot

Saw the Doc this morning, and…stitches are out, and I got a boot instead of a cast! This means I can ice the incision/arch, and for now that’s the best change. I also can take a shower if I want, AND if I can figure out how to adjust the shower space to be safe in/out, and while the water is coming down…seating, that kind of thing. Anyway, for now, there is still swelling, and the icing seems to be making that much easier to deal with (less “prickliness” and discomfort). Yay!

Hot n cold

Taos coffee shop decoration 12 2016

I reached into the archives for this, from a coffee shop in Taos just before Xmas, 2016. And, yes, there was snow on the ground outside.

These days, I enjoy my hot coffee in the mornings, and a few bites of cold dairy product in the evening. Those are my treats (food treats).

Yes, hundreds

Watered dry roses

Back when I was using crutches, on a busy day I got over 400 steps. Now that I’m using Steed, on a busy day I get over 200 steps. I am SOOOOO sedentary.

Moisture levels

Dessicating rose

Desiccating rose. And the TX/LA Gulf Coast area is…flooding.

Last Monday

During eclipse

I meant to post this on eclipse day, but, well, technology (okay, me). So this was an approximation of how dark it was in the zone of totality, with the light remaining along the horizon outside the zone.

No-hurry Harvey

NASA Harvey rainfall

NASA is projecting that Hurricane Harvey will be parked over this stretch of the Texas coast for a couple of days, raining, raining, and raining. This is flat land, at low elevations, especially vulnerable to that much rain…. In a few places, they predict Harvey may drop 35 inches of rain…. Whew!

Harvey potential storm surge

With elevation maps and rainfall predictions, along with storm surge/tides, NASA can merge the spatial data and map flooding potentials…. [Website visitors can zoom in far more than this….]

I suspect the calculations behind this are as complex as the eclipse models I looked at earlier this week. They’re just exclusively on this planet.

And none of this discussion is about wind effects. ☔️

UPDATE: And, just a few minutes after I posted this, I read that Harvey is now a Category 4 storm. 💨


Foot on dashy

I participated in the day’s errands to the extent that I rode around, much of the time with the cast-foot on the dash. Covering the airbag.

And, yes, cushioned on an elegant silver-grey IKEA throw pillow.

Foreign craftsmanship

Dublin street bricks

I’ve been checking GooStreetView and other mapping details (e.g., bus routes from Ranelagh to Stoneybatter—two Dublin suburbs) to satisfy wonder-where-that-is questions that arise in my mind as I read the Tana French detective stories…I’m on the last one published…in 2016….

Long story short, I found this alternate reality brick wall and window detail that I THINK is a result of Goo’s photo-mosaic-melding algorithms.

Talented brick work, no?

Church bench

Armagh CofI bench

Bench on slope below east façade, St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh, Northern Ireland (last May).

For me, the feet seem heavy compared to the seating surface of this bench.

And the form/materials are nothing like the gothic-revival style of the cathedral, which was built in the mid-1800s to mimic/echo the much earlier original gothic style.

I like the bench, and would be happier with it in a modern setting.

Sorry, no celestial adventure today.