Hubcap car

Hubcap car

If you had a vehicle you didn’t really care about and an artistic bent, what decorations would you add to it?

I’m wondering if any of these whistle as you go faster?

Luckee lookee

Interstate roadcut

Lucky me! I saw this stratigraphy and the mists rising off the Oostanaula River within hours of each other.

As far as I know, Wikipee is wrong, and the local pronunciation, derived from the ancients, is something like oooo-sten-ah-lee. Yes, the spelling suggests “lah” on the end, but I hear it’s “lee.” So much for phonetics. (Note some of the alternate spellings.)

oof = out of focus

Oof spider

I would have sworn when it was just me and the iPhone that this shot was in focus! Not one bit. (I mean the spider.)

We made and changed plans seventeen times today. The house is clean and we are enjoying it. This is good.


Peeling red paint on metal

The Fates have finally granted the Guru the permissions to move this website, along with the rest of the JCB stable, to a new server. Here’s hoping this takes care of the Problems.

Drink up

Root beer ice porter L5P

We got crazy and lunched out. At a beer place. Root beer for the Guru!

Eyes open

Fumble fumble bumble. Wake up!

Biorhythms are utterly strange. Not bad so much as…odd.

Autumn arriving (more)

AC not flipping on = cooler weather.

Thai basil is madly trying to bloom, despite near-daily bud-nipping.

I see lazy-drifting yellow-gold leaves. Very intermittently.

Coffee packets…*

I saw the green-white logo and knew I was supposed to think SBux, but really, the rest of that design mishmash doesn’t look SBux at all.

*…at the waiting room for the service area at the car dealership.

Fall arrivé

Gardenia minature wall

Last night was drizzle and a music-festival soundtrack drifting over the nighttime-neighborhood.

Today was…cool, sunny, and the evening smells like dog-dung.

At least, that’s the odor a few steps from this gardenia.

Italy, 1950

1950 Italian moooovie

We’re working on getting our Netflix value for the month…in this case, Michelangelo Antonoini’s Story of a Love Affair…visuals of a postwar industrial emotional vacuum. Or something.