Invanz drip container

I have obtained a new skill. It’s not one I sought out, but now that I have it, well, I have it. Together, the lovely C and I set up and carried out an IV drip for the Botanist, draining a high-powered antibiotic straight into his personal command central.

The good view

That view with snow early day

The low winter light is on the rise, and I so enjoyed the morning sky over the white landscape. Warm temps today have reduced the snow load, but They tell us more is coming.

Ramble is the theme

Michigan reading display

We’ve departed from the window with the view of the Eastern Fieldhouse (which is not a house and which was twice posted in this “space”).

As part of his R&R rambles, the Guru captured this image.

Your take-home message: Michigan curiosities.

We CAN do color!

Winter dawn over EL MSU

Low light means graininess reigns.

I just had to escape the bleak grey-ness of the last two posts. Not only my mood, but the gorgeous colors in the dawn sky demanded it!

…Plus I’m wearing the over-exposed Party Skirt—which is new to this immediate geographic locale.

Of course implied (at the end)

Parking lot melting check o the day

Apologies for the lack of inventiveness. On the other hand, this architectural wonder (ha!) could me my Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen; of course, I’m no Monet, and I’m not painting this view.

Nothing but grey (flake-laden) skies

Old Eastern building in snow

Yesterday was a hurry-up day. Today’s been a “wait” day. General indications are of improvement, thankfully. It has taken longer for the roads, haha, given the near-constant snowfall.

Light omen?

Allatoona hills strange winter light

We watched strange winter light as we passed through the Allatoona Hills (where the dam that stops up Lake Allatoona is). Overall the weather was good to us today, although big white flakes are coming down right now.

Big white flakes ≠ GA.

Hyacinth test

Hyacinth  flower spike at night 2012 Feb

Night shot of the white hyacinth. Antidote to last (shhh snake) photo, if you need it….

Proving that I’m a sensitive person. Even a sensitive blogger….

Shhh. Also testing the latest version of Mars Edit….

Story time

Snake in the garden

Sorry for the crappy photo….

Yesterday afternoon, I was on one of those phone calls where you have to pay attention, but you are doing far more listening than talking. So, I saw a couple of clumpy new weeds out the back window and grabbed my gloves (thankfully) and managed to put the right one on one-handed, and proceeded out back to vanquish the fast-growing greenery while keeping up with my listening. And I started removing fistfuls of the young growth and realized that there’s a…strange…shape among the leaves.


I think some time back F told me this is a (non-poisonous) Storeria dekayi, aka De Kay’s or brown snake (I never would have known otherwise). This species never gets very big, and tolerates urban life in these parts.

Lesson: wear your gloves when you’re gardening and PAY ATTENTION!

More food: doughnuts

Sublime donuts a town cin roll

We topped yesterday’s pimiento cheese (recipe now posted) by stopping at Sublime Doughnuts, over by Georgia Tech, this morning. As JCB noted, our doughnut treats (A-Town mocha for him; cinnamon roll for me) gave us the sugar rush that got us through a quick run at IKEA. We managed to avoid the “plastic crap” that often hops in your bag there, and got…other kinds of consumer product. Yeah, that sounds better….