Taco mustache


Just how often do you want to eat food that has a mustache? Me, I’ll pass.

Car found

nas_n_paperwork.jpgOne major success: found ’rents doing very well, with the Botanist harvesting green beans, beets, green peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes, and Mom still pretty steady on her feet. On the biz side, the major success was that today we found a car for them (used 2005 Corolla, high mileage, but seems okay otherwise).

Garden “sharing”


Raccoons are getting more of Dad’s corn than he is. The last few years the crop didn’t “make” (as they say in the South) due to diminished rainfall, which makes this season’s loss even tougher.

Changing times


Oh, my! The skyline’s changed! The crown of the tree is gone!

Highway tales


Sometimes after miles and miles and miles of I-75, weary travelers experience a lovely sky, possibly as a reward for endurance.

Happy cat


This cat is very happy because in the forty-eight hours prior to this photo-session, she caught and ate a rabbit, caught and abandoned without eating a young weasel (short-tailed), and most recently, rolled in the garden.

Rainfall benefit


Tonight’s early evening rain will make weeding easier, yet steamier, tomorrow morning.

Lace vs carrot


I always think of this as Queen Anne’s Lace, but my ID book prefers Wild Carrot (Daucus carota). This is my all-time favorite photo of one of its blooms….

Fungi IDing


Fungi are one of my favorite growing things out in the natural world, but many aren’t the least bit showy or colorful. The yellow rim on this one (I have no idea of its name) attracted my eye.



Northern-latitude winters are rough on building exteriors—this from Stewart International.