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I am not a rock

Lichen rock trio

Rain and wetness continued; meteorologists tell us to prepare for below-freezing temps overnight—the coldest since last January. Sounds like the potential for icy patches is high for rush hour tomorrow morning. I’ll stay in where it’s warm and dry!

Note that I’m not complaining about the rainy overcast days we’ve been having; people near the fires and in areas hit by hurricanes/tropical storms have it far worse.

Color trio

Ghost pumpkins

Ghost pumpkins? Mummy pumpkins? On the other hand, maybe this design evokes a pop-culch meme I don’t know.

Red gerberas

Red, red, red gerberas. With raindrops.

Green armed plant

One more color!…because even with winter coming on, some plants remain green green green.

I especially like the pecan eyeballs on the right pumpkin. Aren’t pumpkins interesting when their essential orange-ness is removed?

Evolution (not wonkish)

Home replacement coming

There used to be what looked from the outside to be a perfectly fine brick house here. I used to admire the flowers and flowering shrubs in the front yard; it was all flower garden, with no grass. Lovely. When I came by last winter/spring and the shrubs were gone, with pits left where they had been, and scrabbly spots were I assumed someone had dug up bulbs and other plants, I thought, uh-oh, did someone die, or just leave, or what? Now I know. It’s a total replacement situation.

Kudzu rampant

Here’s kudzu, pronounced something like kood-zoo. It’s a tenacious species, and even trying to persist here as the temperatures drop with winter coming. In full winter, it may lose its leaves, and will bounce back when the weather warms. I read somewhere that its roots can go thirty feet along under blacktop and thereby the plant can cross a paved road. Persistent.

New growth needles

Continuing the growth theme, here’re some brilliant-colored new fronds on an evergreen. Even in the overcast of an almost-rainy moment, they almost glow, the color is so vivid.

Title is a nod to Nobel economist Paul Krugman, who sometimes notes the wonkish level of his NYTimes columns.

Looking out

Downtown in rain

This was the kind of day for staying inside and looking out at the rain. View of downtown, with tall buildings obscured by cloud layer. Therefore, I did get out, but not far and not long.

Out back window rain

View of our back garden (yard, to most Americans). I stepped onto the porch to take this, so it wouldn’t have rain-smears like the first image.

Title creation exercise

Scooter drop

Bird droppings.

Mums of gold

Mums of gold.

What are your proposed titles? I give mine a solid B, collectively, mostly because of the first one.

Roses, hypotheses

Roses whte fence

Winter roses, so decorative. Or merely autumnal?

Vine ladder

There’s evidence of a project gone awry. That vine has been twining for months to get that high! Or was the ladder placed for the vine and not for a chore?

Fungal flounces

Fungal flounces

Am I wrong? Do these not look like flounces?

Orange/pink day

Dahlias on fence

I have never grown dahlias, and I do like them. They remind me of oversized starflowers (aka star flowers).

SAD collapse

My conclusion when I saw this was that inflatable beasties can be afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I didn’t intend an orange/pink color theme, but lookee there!

Accidental scientist

Ginger flowers night

This morning I thought: I’ll walk this afternoon after I get some chores (especially laundry) finished.

Then, I heard that drippy noise that means rain. Ooooops.

After dark I realized that I didn’t have a photo for the day. Another ooooops! Then, outdoors, I had my phone flashlight on and saw (and smelled! inhale! enjoy!) a new crop of ginger flowers, and decided to take a night photo. Oh, I wondered, can I take a picture with the flashlight on? However, when I went over to the camera app, the light went out (pretty sure). Crappy photo yielded new data! Yay!

Wide Load Day?

Mountain rock cut

We were on the move again today, and finally got out of the weather system we were in, and into sunshine! Brilliant sunshine! And colorful leaves.

Oversizeload load

It wasn’t all sunshine, and this was during one of the cloudy stretches. We saw many semis, and what seemed to us to be lots of oversize/wide loads. This load was a bi-lobed molded swimming pool; this is the end view.

Was it actually Wide Load Day, and we thought it was only Election Day?

I’m proud of everyone who voted in today’s election! Truly.