BFSS (backlit fern spore structures)

Fern backlit on mtn

Also from Saturday’s walk….

New term for me: those unfurling fiddleheads have a fifty-cent name—circinate vernation. Vernation comes from a root word referring to springtime, and also to the arrangement of the growth-tip tissue—in this case curled in on itself, or circinate.

Ho hum. No way to work this into conversation….

Super-socializin’ Sunday

Ice on Brasstown trees 2011 autumn

Did I mention that the ice on the Brasstown trees yesterday was…otherworldly?

View north into NC, autumnal

Autumn view from Brasstown trail

We hiked down into autumn, beginning at Brasstown Bald, where the tree branches carried a coating of ice—a chilly yet gorgeous place for lunch—which fortunately included hot mushroom soup!

We ended up safely getting to the vehicle at the lower end of our route in full dark—with the trail dimly lit by the phone! But, beautiful to watch the sun glow orange over the western hills!

Long story short, JCB is elevating his ankle, having walked out under his own power. A big thanks to our hiking companions for all their help—and especially for D’s loan of her trekking pole.

Just say Haudenosaunee three times fast

Patio swing loveseat with autumn leaves

We sure aren’t ready for snow here (oooh, Colorado), but we did have some precip—after I took this shot around noon. I love when the leaves are down yet still are fluffy and colorful. Is it okay to describe dry leaves as fluffy?—you know what I mean—they’re not matted by rain yet. The difference by tomorrow morning will be…noticable.

Read a bit about the Northern and Southern Iroquois—umhm, Haudenosaunee—today….

Delayed b-day celebration

Wine glass base star light through

I got super lucky today—my sweetie took me out for a fahnsee dinnah at a fahnsee restaurant. What a treat!

Autumn brings anthracnose

Wee golden pear tomatoes of fall

I’m loving the huge harvest of golden pear tomatoes festooning the front yard (where the sun is), but I’m not keeping up with the volume that the wild volunteer plants are producing—the last production push before frost arrives.

Tonight, for example, I didn’t help the harvest situation, as I picked Thai basil not tomato-lets.

Sunshine on grey

Buckhead parking lot still life

Thanks, new iPhone cam.

We did the unusual today—we went out to lunch.

First, though, we visited a Buckhead art gallery to see Diane’s photographs. I love her images, and these were all landscapes, and gorgeous.

Then, since we were in la-di-da Buckhead, where we almost never hang out, and fine restaurants abound there, we picked one on a side street at random and were quickly seated. This was the view from the window next to our table, and I’m not sure why the arrangement/color of the vehicles caught my eye. But what made me want to photograph it was the linear greyscale visuals across space in the midst of the cars….

Meanwhile, I ordered the soup of the day, which was a pureed roasted beet soup. A pleasure.

And, as you might imagine, not grey at all.

Bumblebees of autumn

Big fall bumblebee on daisylike flower

Bee capture by new iPhone, back camera.

I felt like I was buzzing all day (without wings), and even managed to accomplish several things. Like my 101st tweet (or does one not mention that?)—I’m slow.

Strolling in the golden hour

Draper monument Oakland cemetery ATL

Bring on Mad Men….

There’s little chance that the family who commissioned this monument to be placed in Oakland Cemetery ever thought that popular culture would highlight their surname. Of course, that would be predicting the future….


Building by lenox reflections

Yes, the camera is a great improvement.

Can you say “four ess”?