I’ll keep watching


Such lovely delicate pale purple shades in these hosta blooms. Nice visual contrast from that wandering periwinkle vine.

House underside

I’ve been watching this house, first empty, then with for sale sign, then sold sign, then empty, then one little machine and several guys taking down part of the back of the house, and more disassembly in back including some high-energy sledgehammer work on the back wall (right, out of frame), more slow disassembly by hand…and now, it’s down to this. Can’t figure—are they taking the materials for re-using?

Little surprises

Mushroom under

When I saw on the morning weather that it would be 81° by 10am, I thought: get moving! And, after the usual milling around, I did!

Brickwork problems

Yeah, and outside it also was HUUUUUU-mid. Although, during my wander, I did find a fine, upstanding mushroom (with gorgeous gills), and a wee library (not closed like the government ones) with foundation problems.

Boil water advisory vacated

Sun arrives

Recently I’ve been trying to get out before the sun starts lighting the neighborhood. I may leave before the sun, but it’s usually blazing away by the time I return.

Downstream bags

Folks who did yardwork on Saturday and put their bags of organic matter by the curb before heading indoors for a well-deserved cold one, got to enjoy nature’s art this morning…as the overnight rainfall re-sorted objects via curb-river.

Cat nap

The magnitude of the situation: worth no more—or less—than a cat nap.

About fifteen minutes ago we got the all clear on our city water—never was contaminated. Means I can make coffee in the morning…instead of limping along with a mokapot bracer. Lovely, but not the same.

…last time I checked

Basil bunchette

So, it would be the day I need a big pot of water to cook pasta that we have a boil-water advisory because a busted 36″ pipe created a flood on the other side of town. At least we still have water.

The volunteer basil is doing great! We pruned it to have tasty bits to top our plates of meatball pasta. MMMmmm.

Rather personal

Magnolia half open

So, I had an anxiety dream last night that I’d never had before. Late for an appointment (or exam)…or can’t find someone that you desperately need to find…that kind of thing: yes. But this time: I was wandering around a restaurant (!!) and didn’t have a mask…and I didn’t know why I didn’t have one and didn’t know where to get one, and very much WANTED A MASK. Yes: total anxiety!

Also, Covid-“joke” of the day: wear a mask unless you want to home-school your kids this fall!

Blue heart

Window heart

Sometimes I scan my surroundings and continue walking, then my brain jogs me to go back for something I passed. That happened with this window…because of the heart. I went back for a blue heart.

Hosta drippy

And, yes, rain overnight, and high humidity all day. Happy hostas.

Look fast

Doomed building

Lately, about once a week I traipse by this building to see if it’s still standing. It began as a light industrial nexus adjacent to a railroad track.

Crepe myrtle trunks

Now the railroad track is gone, and the right-of-way is an artery for foot traffic, segways, bicycles, and the like. And the edifice was long ago converted into artist studios and apartments.

Such is the evolution of land use.



Almost everything that catches my eye when I’m out “taking my exercise” is what you’d expect…sidewalks and streets, traffic, parked vehicles, road signs, mailboxes, plants and lawns, dog-walkers, joggers, kid’s toys, puddles, organic matter that the rain last night downed, wandering cats, stray chipmunks, assorted flags—all that you’d expect in a neighborhood-with-a-small-business-area. Special today: garbage containers.

This I didn’t anticipate: juse…written in white paint on an industrial electrical conduit box. Still trying to decode “juse.”

Precip three ways

Dew on windshield

We had a heavy-dew morning.

Crow lineup

Then it was just plain humid. And hot.

Light all over

And storms came through early this evening.

Critter visual tales

Squirrel chase

Nothing novel about a squirrel chase, but that morning light—golden!

Hawk ish

This hawk (I’m pretty sure) landed in front of me…unclear what the catch was. I left her/him to it….

Nova high five

Sit, Nova!

High five, Nova!

And here’s your treat!