Meet The Beast

Some time ago I decided that land management issues (read vegetation) would improve if I had a motorized scythe. Either that or a small tractor-and-bush-hog, and the latter is just too much equipment. Instead, I ordered a Super-Duper Trimmer. It came with a large-diameter string option, and two metal blades, one for tough grasses, and one with saw-teeth for woody brush. Our problem is robust-stemmed grasses. Mostly. And so: The Beast, with a metal blade. I finally got it to start today. You’d think: brand new—first pull. Not with my luck.

It is a beast. It does the job. The harness distributes the weight very well, and pfft: new tool. A fine calorie-burner. Set feet, swing shaft-and-blade to cut. Swing back, set feet anew. Repeat.

Not so happy that’s it’s a two-stroke, but the next-door neighbor fixes and maintains all types of motorized equipment, so I can pawn off maintenance on him and his crew. Yay on that.

Like the pink handkerchief sun valence? A fashion touch….

Complex, variable wholes

Barberry in red

While the weather is torturing Florida, here the sun arrived after a cool, clear, and brr cold night. It’s a weather upturn, good times for a while. And this barberry branch, down on the bottom of the plant, is sporting fall colors, while the rest is still in late summer mode.

The overnight cold was low enough that the roof of the garage (and probably the cottage) had a thin layer of frost, although the lawn was still green and untouched. Prediction is for a lovely weekend. We are lucky to be here. Outdoor chores await? What to begin with? Hmm?

Gradation progress

I get seduced by the color shifts as time goes along in, especially, the maples. Despite this sky, we had some bright sunshine periods today. Just delightful. [Ignore the obvious keystoning effects; that’s lens distortion on buildings that are actually very aligned.]


I looked out the window just after I arose this morning and saw we had browsing visitors…I usually don’t spot them this close to the house. [I admit; I got up later than normal. But….]

Later, at a potluck dinner with attendees representing five households, I heard unanimous agreement that all were spotting deer grazing closer to the house the last several days. Not sure if the raininess is a factor in this; mostly I think it’s the looming arrival of winter snow. [Meat and veggie enchiladas made with whole wheat tortillas, plus kale salad. All yum yum yum. We contributed appetizer, not shown.]

Eeny, meeny

Do I pick flowers, close-up? With the lovely name pearly everlasting?

Or do I pick the maple branch that has changed while its brethern are still green?

Wimpy me. I can’t choose. You get both.

Maple sample

I’ve been watching the creeping color change in the trees, especially the maples. This is my sample maple. Actually, it’s the closest to the cottage, and the easiest to monitor. [I record that bit of spatial bias for scientific honesty.]

Small victory

Against my expections, we didn’t have rain most of the day, although the sky was overcast, and the lake stirred up by the wind, enough to make the water turbid. Still, not terribly cold.

Seduced by clear and bright

Today was another morning I was seduced by the combo of ground fog and bright sun, plus a bonus blue, blue sky. So glad to have this trio as there’ll be rain for the next three-four days, according to my app. Can’t say the garden really needs it, as we’re (sadly) moving into the waning days of garden production. Last night was cold, at least in the 30s, and I’m sure there was frost here and there, but not in this spot. [Spatial] Variability reigns…until it doesn’t.

While awake/sleeping

I basked in today’s solar gain, which was tempered by the high temps being in windy-breezy 50s. Overnight will reach 41°F, if my app is correct. Sunny is great, but low 40s are super-brrrrrr in contrast (not totally, however).

Tonight should bring on the fall color in the maples, etc., I’m thinking.

Sun sparkle

Both of us have felt like hanging around rather than adventuring across the peninsula to check on leaf colors, bear hunters and their dogs, Canada geese flocking, stream levels, and the like. It’s pretty here, no?