Pinkish (undecided)

Mailbox trio

I’m not thinking “likely voter.” I’m undecided about what photo to post, since I’ve more than once said I do a daily blog entry with one photo and some words.

Surprise lily

Here is the angular and the organic, very different images, very…compelling, each in its own way.

Actually, I’ve been posting duos and multiple photos for a while, not every day, but there’s been a trend….

Call me moody? Maybe just…undecided….

Free shipping, part two

Walmart pkg duo

Indeed, #walmart package number two showed up today. Shorter wiper blade, smaller package. Still, overkill packaging….

However, unlike our recent shipping experience in the Upper Peninsula, both were delivered to the front door.

Projects, sorta

Coffee ice cubes

This was the most colorful of today’s projects—making cubes of leftover coffee…leftover because my coffee-drinking partner is off on a quick jaunt to the Midwest, and I didn’t want to toss what I didn’t drink. Plus, he loves iced coffee, and what better cubes than ones made of coffee?

Walmart packaging

Meanwhile, one of his projects showed up (thank you, UPS guy wearing earbuds; maybe you’ll hear me this time). Clearly, someone at #Walmart was having a bad day. The box is about 34x17x14 (inches) and there are yards of brown paper packing. The closing tape has cross-strips, I guess because the initial down-the-flaps piece didn’t stick.

The contents? ONE windshield wiper blade. And, despite the fact that it would fit in the box without bending, the end was bent—just the package and not the wiper. That looks okay.

I texted The Guru about the arrival, and he said there were supposed to be two wipers. Will I see a twin Walmart package tomorrow?


Dawnsky again

Eye drawn to the sky again….

Celtic cross ATL

Still managed to spot this modern “Celtic cross.” Seemed sidelined in this location, side-yard, beneath porch windows.

Harvest moment

Window raindrops

If only I could get the focus point on the right part of the image….

When your vegetable garden is three plants and some herbs, harvest time is a Big Deal. While there are two tomato plants and one pepper plant in my garden-ette, one of the tomato plants is sacrificial. The strange anti-squirrel cage that I (over)built of ¼-in mesh hardware cloth is only big enough for one (hyper-folded) tomato plant. Besides, the squirrels are just darned aggressive.

Three maters

Thnx for the photo, Guru, and for artfully posing the ’maters so they ALL look unblemished.

So, after the cloudburst this afternoon, the Guru and I went out to harvest. We’d been watching three tomatoes in the cage ripen, and yesterday I figured today would be The Day to Pick.

Turned out two of them have slug(?) holes and one of those two is half rotten. But the third has great color and is merely…not particularly large.

One pepper

Poi-fect Guru photo; love that dangling droplet.

And there’s a green pepper coming on. It may be a poblano, judging by the shape. Or maybe not. I didn’t check the tag (too distracted by the easy weeding) and can’t remember.

Plant story

Datura occupied

The better image is this huge datura trumpet, with its insect occupant.

The better story is about the chive. When we were Up North this last time, the chives were in the fresh, soft bloom stage. I’m used to them later in the season when they’re crackly and not supple. Not quite as pretty, but still, they’re chives and compelling (personal memory lane).

Chive waterlogued

So, when we were packing, I tucked a single chive bloom-stem in the car somewhere, and it made the transit to the Deep South, although the stem got crimped. I tucked it in a vase that I had posed decoratively on the divider, even though the stem came up and dog-legged down to the hanging bloom.

It has dried out more and more. The other day I noticed a cluster of black fat-specks below it. And a few more as the day went on. Then I figured it out. The seeds were finishing their seed cycle and trying to get ready for next season. More black seeds have accumulated. I think I’ll store them in a bit in the freezer for the winter, then plant them.

I don’t have much hope for germination/new plants, but I’ll experiment.

Mall crawl

Buckhead reflection

I slept in (as it happens), and we went for the urban exercise option instead of my usual dawn-time excursion (pant sweat sweat). This is a reflection. All of it. Strikingly clear.

This on a day when it went up to ONLY 89°F.

Not as dark as the camera suggests

Overcast morn sky

This morning the overcast from yesterday afternoon’s popup showers carried over, making the morning sky a tad gloomy. Not winter-gloomy, mind you, just different from a clearer morning….

Contrast that with a clear morning (day before yesterday), presaging a day of penetrating heat.

Hot day sky
Cicada feet up

This morning I missed the red, orange, and gold tones…. As the day has worn on, we didn’t get a break from the heat/humidity, so no color and no break…sigh.

The no-longer-noisy cicada I found on the sidewalk didn’t make up for it.

Lit up

Fire station dawn

So there I was, right in front of the fire station, trying with pre-dawn awkward fingers to get a shot of the facade with the door open and the firetruck sitting there in the ready position, when a fireperson hopped in the driver’s seat and powered it up and flipped on the lights!

Cat + prismatic comet

Cat on fence

Have you spotted the cat on the fence? Behind the right light-post? Stretched out like the owner of the property?


Prismatic comet

No popup showers today, and the afternoon sunshine broke up coming through the stained-glass window that has only clear glass…but beveled panels….

UPDATE: umhem, yes, we did have a popup shower…I was distracted, and forgot when I was typing earlier…fact is, the rain-time was brief and we mostly had sunshine….