Plant story

Datura occupied

The better image is this huge datura trumpet, with its insect occupant.

The better story is about the chive. When we were Up North this last time, the chives were in the fresh, soft bloom stage. I’m used to them later in the season when they’re crackly and not supple. Not quite as pretty, but still, they’re chives and compelling (personal memory lane).

Chive waterlogued

So, when we were packing, I tucked a single chive bloom-stem in the car somewhere, and it made the transit to the Deep South, although the stem got crimped. I tucked it in a vase that I had posed decoratively on the divider, even though the stem came up and dog-legged down to the hanging bloom.

It has dried out more and more. The other day I noticed a cluster of black fat-specks below it. And a few more as the day went on. Then I figured it out. The seeds were finishing their seed cycle and trying to get ready for next season. More black seeds have accumulated. I think I’ll store them in a bit in the freezer for the winter, then plant them.

I don’t have much hope for germination/new plants, but I’ll experiment.


  1. Manette says:

    I thought the chive was a watercolor …

  2. Mary Jo says:

    The trumpet flower looks like a big downy quilt, and the bug is falling into it!

  3. Sammy says:

    M—Waterlogue app. MJ—I love the quilt idea!